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7 Awesome Modern Fonts you need to see before your next project

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What’s the job of a font? Is it just to convey a message, or is it just a communication tool? 

Modern fonts not only make the text easy to digest but they also bring a new aesthetic value to your words. 

Picking the best font for your design, website, or side project can be tiring. There are a lot of modern fonts to choose from. And there are LOTS to avoid. 

Each typeface from this list of modern fonts carries its own vibe. You’ve likely landed here looking for your next font inspiration before starting that exciting project. 

Let us make it easier for you to pick your next best font from the list of modern fonts below:


Find it here

Open Sans

Image: Open Sans – Sans-Serif Google Font by fontpair on Dribbble

Find it here


Image: Canva

Find it here


Image: Justinmind

Find it here


Find it here

Proxima Nova

Image: Freefotsvault

Find it here


Image: Myfonts

Find it here

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