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Confetti Won the Clutch Leader Award 2022

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A design agency in all sense and meaning has one core offering; To create successful products consistently. And these products originate from an idea that you, as a business owner or founder, conceived.

We know that it’s difficult to pen your idea and bring it to life, let alone improve its ingredients to create something of supreme quality and value.

There are other designers or agencies out there who would rather focus largely on aesthetics, take shortcuts and end up executing unresearched ideas. We know and understand this challenge.

This is why Rishabh Jain launched Confetti Design Studio with the notion that ‘Every idea can be further improved’. And all of us at Confetti take these words to heart. It is the very source of our daily inspiration.

These words are what help us in making awesome products that convert and are loved by users all around the world. Through our extensive design solutions and services, we’ve helped more than 50+ businesses bring their product to life, improve optimization and bring truck loads in revenue. And today, as a result, we’ve been named the top most reviewed UX Design Agency in New Delhi.

Confetti Design Studio review page on Clutch

Clutch has recognized and awarded Confetti Design Studio with Clutch Leader Award 2022 by The Manifest.

Clutch is a leading review and ratings platform for B2B service providers, where over a million buyers and sellers interact with each other monthly. Solving two problems at once, Clutch helps clients find existing reviews as feedback for a company they have worked with, as well as leave comments about their experience.

“I feel very proud of what the team has achieved with this award. Thanks to Clutch and Manifest for this award as it aligns with our efforts to deliver the best work to our clients across the world!

Awards like these ones also motivate us to do an even better job within UI/UX design and even venturing into Industries such as AR/VR design, wearable products, and experiences!” 

– Rishabh Jain, Founder, Confetti Design Studio

“Confetti has worked with some of the most interesting and challenging projects this year and it’s such a proud moment for us to be acknowledged for the efforts we put in our projects to make sure we deliver the best.”

-Shreemoyee Banerjee, Lead UX Designer, Confetti Design Studio

A special thanks to all our clients, without whom, we wouldn’t stand where we are today. We are grateful especially to those who took out time to leave their words on our Clutch profile.

Check out what they said: Awesome Reviews!

TrueFan case study from Confetti Design Studio best UI UX Studio New Delhi

“They were really patient with the iterations. The knowledge they had about the UI/UX design and how it impacts the users was impeccable. They had a sense of how things should look like and were able to guide us in the right direction. Their design and aesthetic sense were impeccable.” – TrueFan

As a UX Design Agency, we focus on:

  • Knowing that UX is not (only) UI

  • Understanding the audience

  • Testing with real users

  • Designing, even for the shortest attention span

  • Making sure our process isn’t set in stone

  • Keeping things simple and consistent

Cryptograd Case Study from Confetti Design Studio best graphic design agency Noida

Benefits to your business:

  • Consultancy, above and beyond design

  • Graphic design, of course

  • AR, VR, and new verticals of Smart wear

All our clients from the Entertainment & Gaming, Fintech, Blockchain & Web 3.0, Design Mentorship, Healthcare, Dating & Social Media like love us!

At Confetti Design Studio, we empower the best ideas through thoughtful design. This brings out the best in your business vision. Want us to help you with kickass design solutions? Don’t miss out and contact us right now!

Confetti Design Studio is an award winning creative design firm based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

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