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A brand and packaging audit is an essential step every company needs to take to improve themselves and their business. An audit is a review of the company’s performance in various categories. It is either conducted by a brand specialist or the marketing team. This way the company will be aware of its strengths and weaknesses, and areas of improvement. A corporate branding audit consists of three sections under it:

Internal branding –

Related to the work ethic of the company and its goals and missions. Internal branding also checks the company’s culture and employee productivity.

External branding –

This category has the marketing and sales department. They also check your brand’s advertising and the quality of your online presence on social media sites.

Customer experience –

This is everything related to the customers, their satisfaction rate and the services provided by the company.

These three are the factors based on which a brand audit is conducted. Now let us see how we can conduct a successful brand and packaging audit:

Make sure you know the purpose of the audit –

This is the first step in conducting any audit. This is because if you are clear about why you want an audit conducted, it will help your brand improve faster and better. This is because you can go to the root of the problem your brand has been facing without wasting too much time and energy. For example, the product packaging design seems to lack something to attract customers. You can focus on this specific issue and try resolving it as soon as possible. This way you are not spending time on futile aspects.

Make a checklist with a plan –

This is a good idea to get a lot of work done in an organized manner. A checklist of the areas that need to be scrutinized and have been giving your brand trouble will help you manage the audit and get things done in an organized manner. You can put the most important problem on the top of the list, and the ones that need less attention at the bottom. You can also track the progress and work accordingly to improve your brand.

Collect and analyse data –

Collect all the data and analyse them to find out what factors require attention. To do so, conducting surveys will help you collect a large amount of data for the audit. You can divide them into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Dividing the data into these four sections can help you tremendously and help your conduct the audit successfully. It is also essential to remember to conduct audits regularly to maintain the performance of the company.

Think of solutions and execute them –

The last step, after analysing the data will be to think of the solutions for the problems and help the company grow. Brainstorm with the team handling the audit to think of solutions to the issue that has come up. After you find the solution, it is time to execute them. However, monitor the progress till it reaches your desired result.

These steps can help you conduct a productive brand and packaging audit that will contribute to the growth of the company.

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