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Netflix vs YouTube: Which is the better product in terms of UI/UX

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Streaming platforms have revolutionized today’s era in terms of providing entertainment to millions of people at affordable rates. The way people experience entertainment in the 20th century is far different from the way that we experience it now. Netflix and YouTube have risen to be the leading players that are successful in captivating the audience with the help of their vast content in their libraries as well as with their user-friendly interfaces. There is a consistent demand among the audience for a seamless experience and thus there is always a battle between these two platforms regarding their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) pattern.

Our country, India has emerged as the major hub for UI/UX design. There are several UI/UX design companies in India which specialize in designing captivating user interfaces with better experiences. These companies recruit expert teams who have a deep understanding of human psychology. UI/UX design companies in India help in crafting digital technologies in India.

This article will mainly focus on what basis the YouTube and Netflix have emerged as the leading platforms for entertainment and the role of UI/UX design studios in molding the success of such online platforms. The verdict at the end of the article is mainly on the basis of one’s pure intuition and choice which can be differed among people.

About Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and YouTube are two streaming platforms that have gained recognition over the years. Netflix was founded in 1997 as a rental-by-mail service which was gradually transformed into streaming platform in 2007. This is a subscription-based model where the customers can have access to a library of TV shows and movies. Netflix is the considered to be the first platform which introduced the concept of binge-watching as it releases the entire season of the show at once. Netflix is being used by the people worldwide due to its UI/UX design that helps in user engagement and personalized recommendations. They have received worldwide recognition since the last few years and are constantly striving every time to tailor its interface according to the people’s preferences.

On the other hand, YouTube is considered to be the largest video-sharing platform which has a very simple user-friendly interface that helps in maintaining an intuitive layout and the users can navigate easily throughout the page. This platform was founded in 2005 which shares a large content ranging from music videos to vlogs and other documentaries-related videos. It operates on an advertising-based business model where the content creators get money through ads, mentorships and sponsorships.

In terms of User Interface (UI)


This platform boasts being clean and simple user interface with easy navigation skills. After you log into its homepage, you are welcomed with a visually appealing page that shows that it is being curated based on the needs of each individual with personalized recommendations based on your choice. You can come across large eye-catching images with brief titles which can be easily selected by the users based on their interests. The category of each genre is well organized which allows the users to browse effortlessly and scan through various genres such as action to documentaries with ease. It has a “Continue Watching” section which displays the recently viewed content across the used devices. 


The sleekness of YouTube is not the same as with Netflix but users can engage themselves in discovering the content. The homepage on YouTube reveals different types of videos which are based on one’s interests and subscription history. The users can create their playlists, subscribe to their favorite channels and access the recommendation page with the topics of interest.

In terms of User Experience (UX)


The immersive user experience provided by Netflix extends beyond UI where it offers personalized recommendations about one’s watching habits and preferences. Netflix improves its suggestions with the help of complex algorithms. It also has the option to resume the content across several devices at the same time. it is known as cross-device synchronization which provides an uninterrupted viewing experience to its users.


The vast and diverse content on YouTube is based on a wide range of interests and preferences of the people that range from educational videos to life hacks videos. The additional features that one can experience while using YouTube are liking, sharing, commenting, and even subscribing to your favorite content from a channel. It also allows the creators to interact with its viewers through community posts or live interactions which is also possible.

Choosing between YouTube and Netflix

Before you conclude, you need to consider some of the factors that can decide which of the above is better. The factors include a content library, original content that has not been taken from any sources, your experience, rates, advertisements, easy accessibility, the extent to which the above platforms are compatible with your device, and finally the means of interaction with its viewers.

Final verdict

Though both YouTube and Netflix offer impressive UI/UX experiences both of them come with their pros and cons. The sleek and intuitive user interface of Netflix that combines personalized recommendations and cross-device synchronization helps in providing a seamless and immersive streaming experience. But the content-rich user experience of YouTube with a large library and community-driven features helps in making it a perfect spot for content discovery and user engagement. One cannot decide which one is better: YouTube vs Netflix as it solely depends on the preferences and priorities of an individual. If you think that a streamlined and curated viewing experience helps in better focusing on movies and TV shows, then Netflix is the winner.

If you choose diverse content where the content creators can engage themselves with the viewers leading to an interactive experience, then YouTube is a winner. In this war between YouTube and Netflix, both of them are considered to be greatest in their habitat by meeting the diverse needs and demands of the millions of users across the globe. Since choosing between them varies from person to person, the future of streaming will shape the innovative approaches of UI/UX that will help in bringing the public closer to the world of unlimited entertainment.

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