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No Code Platforms: Busting Top 5 Myths

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“A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”― Terry Pratchett, The Truth

The thing about the internet is that rumors spread fast. Before you could even say ‘Mississippi’, there are a million new opinions that spring up on the world wide web. It’s difficult to contain yourself between the lines of what’s true and what’s just noise otherwise.

No code tools get a lot of hate, and a lot of us designers are tired of it. Some developers may even go as far as saying that your website isn’t authentic if you use no code tools.

Some even say that your low code no code tool project may not even be scalable or safe for your users.

But there is not even a grain of truth in those claims.

No code tools essentially put control and the power to create into the front-line’s hands for a business, so that they can create their own solutions as per business requirements.

So, saying that you can’t trust no code tools is saying that you can’t trust your own self and the idea that you run your business. Today we look at busting some of the most common and ill myths about no code tools platforms and their use in the development process.

It’s not for everyone

If you haveth no technical skills, then you shall not pass!

Seriously? This myth is a bit self-contradiction. The reason why it’s called ‘No code’ is because it does not require any coding or technical skills for you to be creating amazing projects.

Anyone and we mean anyone, can use visual tools to simple drag and drop modules, or application components around the app or webpage you’re creating.

Hence, anyone from an experienced developer or IT team member to frontline professionals from sales, HR, finance, etc. can create apps or web pages to solve unique industry-specific problems.

Only meant for simple apps

Simple apps represented by a weighing scale where two devices/apps are compared

No tool, digital or not, is flawless. They all come in different shapes and sizes, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses. However, despite the drawbacks, apps, and webpages that you create with no code have an amazing range of features and functionalities.

So, in short, it’s not just for creating lightweight apps since it has more than enough bandwidth to build complex apps and web pages for businesses. From CRM to HR solutions to IoT apps, No code can serve them alike.

It kills the need for coding

Well, no. Not really.

Coding is still paramount in creating frameworks, workflows, automation, etc. No code tools do minimize the need of opting for the traditional coding route. But if you’re someone who loves to play around with logic, semantics, functions, classes and nested chunky loops of code, go for it!

Again, no code comes with pre-built modules and components that you can drag around. Some tasks will still require coding as input, such as adding third-party integrations.

Brings limitations to scalability

Oh, it’s so simple to use, so it must not have any firewalls or security in place to gatekeep breach. Incorrect.

In reality, these no code tool platforms offer you an enterprise level of security with various certifications.

For instance, keeps everyone from collaborators to users safe with free SSL certificates and multi-factor authentication. Similarly, Squarespace’s website traffic is encrypted with an SSL that provides end-to-end security for you and your visitors.

No Code, No Cry

It’s evident that no code technology has huge capabilities in terms of streamlining the development process and creating applications to cater to your unique business needs.

As a front-line professional, you may not even require professional developers to sit all day, throughout the week to create amazing projects. You can probably do that in a matter of hours. We hope that everything discussed above helps resolve your doubts about questions on how able are no code tool platforms in helping you and your business.

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