Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

Our Clientele

Agencies like to call their customers clients; however, we go beyond and like to consider them our design partners. And rather than only celebrating famous clientele like others, we celebrate them all.

A greater reason for this is that we’ve been able to increase ROI for each and every one of our design partners. Some of those are as much as 12X ROI!

Entertainment & Gaming

Our design experts have worked with the best startups in the entertainment industry from India, the USA, and Europe. These projects include UI UX design for mobile apps, web design, augmented reality design as well as branding!

Overall, these mobile apps and websites are used by more than 2 million users around the world!


UI/UX Design: 2020-22
TrueFan is India’s biggest celebrity engagement platform. We worked with them to design the complete mobile app, website, and web app. This UI/UX design project has been running successfully for more than a year and we have impacted the lives of more than 1 million users.

Seedhe Maut

AR Design: 2022
Seedhe Maut, a Delhi Hip-Hop firepower, released their new album on June 10, 2022 showcasing a tree in the album art. To help them connect with their fans on a level never seen before, we did an AR design project for Seedhe Maut.


Fintech Industry is growing rapidly! And our team of designers have designed several fintech mobile apps for Indian startups this year to contribute to this growth!

Our fintech mobile app designs are intuitive, user-friendly and evoke a sense of trust and safety in the users.


UI/UX Design: 2021-22
Chipn is a FinTech startup based in India. Chipn automatically saves and invests your money every time you make an expenditure. It exposes young adults to investing and educates them about their spending habits. The scope of the project was to revamp Chipn’s beta application for UI/UX and get it ready for consumers in January 2022.

Unlisted Assets

UI/UX Design: 2022-Currently Active
Unlisted Assets is India’s biggest online platform for trading unlisted stocks for the Indian market. We are currently working with Unlisted Assets to design their web app which would be used to buy and sell unlisted stocks, learn more about unlisted companies, and a lot more!

Blockchain & Web 3.0

Confetti Design Studio has been involved in the best blockchain and web 3.0 mobile application design, web design, branding & social media marketing projects in 2022!

This includes the futuristic designs we did for Cryptograd, as well as the web design for the NFT project (The Gamble Kingdom) that is built around the latest UI design trends of 2022!


UI/UX Design: 2022
Cryptograd is a blockchain-oriented startup that aims at educating users about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Its applications help them on their journey to becoming financially independent! We worked with Cryptograd to design an app that filled the market gap of lack of educational material or content online related to blockchain and investing.

TGK: The Gambling Kingdom

Social Media Design: 2022
The Gamble Kingdom (TGK) is a revolutionary hybrid token & NFT project with a one-of-a-kind poker gaming experience that allows users to play poker through unique NFTs.

We recently worked with The Gamble Kingdom to strategize and design for their Social Media and this is what we came up with!

Design Mentorship

Over the last 2 years, we have provided UI UX design mentorship to designers across India, UK, USA and Dubai.

In total, we partnered with companies such as TagMango & MyCaptain to conduct 100+ mentorship sessions and taught over 1,500+ UI UX designers across the world.

My Captain

Mentorship: 2021-22
We partnered with MyCaptain as UI/UX design mentors in 2021. This mentorship program aimed to teach budding designers and engineers to land their dream UI/UX design jobs.


Mentorship: 2021
We partnered with TagMango as UI/UX design mentors in 2021. This mentorship program aimed to teach budding designers and engineers to land their dream UI/UX design jobs.


Designing mobile applications and web apps for the healthcare industry has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting experiences for the design experts at Confetti Design Studio.

Our designs have led to several satisfied clients in the Healthcare Industry in India. These Indian startups are now on their way to raising funds and scale-up in the years to come.


UI/UX Design: 2021
PetFriends Is an online platform for Indian pet parents to book services and medical appointments for their pets. In 2021, we designed their responsive web app and empower them to hit the market in early with an intuitive and user-friendly product!

Dating & Social Media

We are design experts at creating mobile apps and websites social media and dating apps!

This is one of the most exciting and user-centric Industries and requires experienced designers who have empathy for the users and follow a human-centred design process.

Our projects in this industry include mobile app designs as well as smart watch designs for the latest apple watch!


Smart Watch Design: 2022
Bumble is a platform for connection — not just for those looking for their honey on Date mode, but those seeking new friendships on Bumble BFF, or looking for a new business mentor on Bumble Bizz too. We wanted to make dating quick and hassle-free and take it the old-fashioned way – yes, actually finding and meeting people in real-time!

Hence we designed their SmartWatch app to empower users to find and meet people in real-time!
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