Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

We Are A Team Of Creatives Obsessed With Digital Products!

Confetti Design Studio is made up of designers, developers, and writers who work together and create the most exciting design solutions out there! Take a look at our services and see how we can help you out with the next project.

UI/UX Design

Our human-centred UI/UX design team creates digital products that bring delight to your customers while meeting your business goals. It’s like magic if you ask us!

Graphic Design

Staying on top of the latest trends and understanding the fundamentals of design is what makes our graphic design team the best!


Our web development expertise brings the best websites to life. From high-converting e-commerce stores to no-code landing pages, we build it all!

How To Engage With Us

We offer an array of flexible engagement models that are suitable for your requirements as well as the scope of work and help achieve your business goals efficiently. Listed below are some of the engagement models that state the characteristics of the collaboration between us:

Retainer Model

Retainer based engagement model is based on an agreement, where you can retain ongoing services from us.

  • Get a team readily, to execute your requirements efficiently.
  • Easy to adjust spikes in requirements.
  • Achieve necessary deliverables smoothly within a stipulated time.

Hourly Charges

Pay as you go! Offering our resources on the basis of a specific number of hours to work on your product/requirements.

  • You can receive support on a sporadic basis.
  • This model allows maximum flexibility for achieving deliverables whenever required.
  • Choose to get work done as per your product/business priority, ensuring deliverables that are rich in quality.

Fixed-Bid (or Project-Based Model)

The Fixed-Bid model fits the projects with well-defined requirements, specifying sufficient details of completion and goals.

  • Fixed scope of work easily enables setting timelines, budget, and deliverables.
  • You receive a well-crafted solution/product that matches your requirements and specifications stated as a prerequisite.
  • An expected timeline can help you plan further steps in your business vision.

Tell Us About Your Requirements

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