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The Role of Emotion in Building a Strong Brand

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Advertising and marketing are the most essential units of a business since they are responsible for building the brand of the company. A brand is not only the unique identification point of a business that makes it stand out from comparators but also determines the company’s reputation and image in the market. Therefore, there are various types of different marketing strategies that are used to build a strong brand for companies, but one of the most effective strategies developed by a branding designer is emotional branding.

What are the advantages of using emotion to build a brand?

Resonates with the audience

When a company decides to involve itself in a social movement or is trying to take a positive step in society, this can drastically improve the consumers’ perception of the brand. By associating itself with relevant topics of discussion, the company is allowing its product to resonate with the audience because of the social messages and emotions derived from it. Not only would it encourage customers to support the company and purchase more products, but would also help build the reputation of the company in the long run.

Improved customer relations

Based on how well potential customers identify with the emotions represented by a company’s branding designer, they would try their best to purchase products related to the company because of increased trust and loyalty. Potential customers now view the brand as being sensitive to social issues and transparent about its stance, thus, they would value its credibility when purchasing products as well.

Making it stand out from others

While marketing is often perceived as a materialistic process, by imbuing emotion into advertising, a company is allowing its potential customers to see a more human side of the organization. This proves to be an advantage as a company is now recognizable by the general population because of its association with certain relevant and important social issues.

Improving the perception of the products

In addition to improving the reputation of the company itself, emotional branding is essential for products that revolve around emotion. For example, restaurant branding services may choose to highlight the family and love aspect of the brand to market its healthy food and family-friendly ambiance. This way, whenever a customer thinks about a family dinner, they may subconsciously choose to visit that restaurant because of the successful advertising being used to build a brand.

Fostering healthy communities

According to the social issue or emotion the company has associated itself with, emotions can also help bring together different communities because of a brand. Once again, this would improve customer support and loyalty as well as encourage them to engage in a relationship of trust with the business.


While there is a wide range of different marketing and advertising techniques that can be used by a branding designer to build a company’s brand, the most effective technique that can be used is the inclusion of emotion. It not only improves the company’s reputation but also indirectly boosts its sales and credibility in the long run.

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