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The Role of Packaging in Supply Chain Management

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Packaging is undervalued by many business owners, specifically how packaging design can assist them in overcoming product sales competition. It is common knowledge that many customers will buy a product when they arrive at the point of sale. For instance, when a consumer is presented with several options, they are likely to choose a product based on the following three factors: the visibility of a brand, the attractiveness of its packaging, and the message it sends. However, visibility will come over time and ensure your product has a clear message and eye-grabbing creative packaging design.

How it affects your supply chain

Brands should see packaging as a crucial part of ensuring the supply chain runs smoothly. Packaging plays a pivotal role in producing, marketing, and distributing products or goods because it serves as a protective carrier.

The following are just a few of the many functions of packaging that a good packaging graphic designer should address in supply chain issues:

Protective function:

The goods must be protected from the outside world by the packaging and ensure that they can be handled during transportation.

Storage feature:

Materials should be used for the packaging because the products can travel and be contained in multiple locations before reaching their final destination. These materials should also meet the requirements for storage.


Simple handling, stowing, and stacking during the vehicle are made possible by effective packaging design, which maximizes available space.

Tertiary function:

The additional protective carrier that safeguards the goods’ secondary and primary packaging is referred to as this. Additionally, it serves an organizational function by combining various products into a single box. Since more customers expect businesses to be more environmentally conscious and responsible, it is preferable to use eco-friendly materials for this additional packaging.

Focus on the MAJORITY for increased sales.

Because people’s tastes vary, it’s hard to develop a design that is appealing to all. By selecting the appropriate color scheme, size, and shape for the packaging, a packaging graphic designer must create a plan to attract the majority. At the same time, visibility is the ability of the packaging to project the actual product being sold rather than an image of the product. These two elements, Along with your marketing efforts, the design, and visibility of your product packaging, will determine its impact on potential customers.


Ensure that the graphic designer you hire for your creative packaging design understands the aspects of graphic design that go into creating a successful brand. The type of packaging, typography and visual elements are examples of these elements. The various fonts utilized on the packaging are referred to as typography. To make your packaging stand out, the fonts you choose should give it a distinctive appearance and feel. On the other hand, structural design is referred to in the type of packaging. They should be a top priority for your packaging graphic designer as your product’s practicality, recognizability, and cost can all be influenced by this component, which plays a significant role in its design.

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