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Top 18 Design Fails That Tell You the Importance of Good Designers

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Bad design is everywhere, while good design is invisible. If you look around yourself carefully, you’ll find that good design isn’t easily noticeable because of how easy and comfortable it makes you feel.

It’s effortless.

While on the other hand, bad design sticks out and ruins the show. Today we’re going to look at a list of such design fails that put crowns worth the importance of a designer in your life.

Let’s take a look at some hilarious design fails and crappy design mistakes.

Note: All of these aren’t necessarily part of the UI UX design fails but nonetheless they are design fails that help us laugh and understand the value of paying attention to detail while designing.

1. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please settle down, we’ll be starting shortly”

A toilet seat in front of many chairs

2. Where’s my dropdown at?

Useless list

Clearly, a check box isn’t the right way to implement this control element in food/item selection. Instead, a dropdown or a plus/minus button would have been more appropriate in this context.

3. Speaking of Dropdowns… I think mine’s a carpet

A bad dropdown which is too long

Long dropdowns like this are a turn-off, a buzzkill, and a party pooper. Users will scroll, then some more, and some more. And then they’ll finally scroll away from your website or app.

Isn’t it a better idea to have a text box with autocomplete? Or for simpler times’ sake add a filter to organize the countries into continents first?

4. Same as my thoughts about Yoga

A yoga carpet

Only if the one working on the design of this yoga mat cared enough, would they know that the font color and background are blending into each other, making this a rather pessimistic product.

5. You see the same, right?

A brand board

6. Mission Failed

car infotainment system

Good job! Now I can get back to keeping my eyes on the road.

7. Better than Lorem Ipsum?

This is why it’s important to always proofread your design work before sending the final zip.

8. Memories, it said memories

A faded board

Contrast is your best friend. Don’t ignore your best friend.

9. But it looks delicious!

Floor cleaners

In case you didn’t get it, the packaging of this floor cleaner makes it look like orange juice.

10. Cult Sign?

Road sign

11. The door must be automatic

A useless door

12. Hope I don’t see this at night…

A badly placed design on a car

13. Man I’m so thirsty, could really use some… glue

Glue in a bottle

14. One last ride

weird Stairs

15. Would rather write on a paper and mail it to you instead

Useless dropdown

16. I’m scared…

iPhone call screen

17. I want what H&M is smoking…

H&M app design

18. Which one is it?

cancel subscription

What do you think were the worst design and UX design fails from this list? The copy of the car entertainment system software takes the cake for us. What’s next? To make sure that your design doesn’t end up in a list like this, contact us today so we can help you with an amazing thoughtful design!

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