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Top 5 UI Design Trends to Inspire You in 2022

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UI trends shape everything from how you create to future iterations of your projects. An immersive UI is one of the crucial elements of a great UX design. It becomes essentially difficult to create a positive UX without a decent UI design.

And other considerations of this application include usability, credibility, accessibility, desire, worth, and usefulness.

To keep your UI designs fresh, here are 5 top inspiring UI  trends from 2022 to check out:

Bold Typography

Years ago, there were so many rules associated with the placement and usage of typography in design. But we’ve come so far from then and in 2022, there’s essentially no incorrect way of doing typography.

Even serifs, among some big bold fonts, can be seen everywhere and they look phenomenal!

In contrast to the harshness that revolved around the use and placement of typography years ago, the opportunities you have today are seemingly endless. In 2022, there’s no wrong way to do typography. Big bold fonts — even serifs — are everywhere. And they look fantastic.

Since there are no rules today in typography, we’ve been seeing everything from outlines to color fonts, shifting shapes and fills to bold and experimental lettering. And because so many designers are using this in their work, it’s dominating.

Some highlights of this UI design trend in 2022:

  • Mashup of varied fonts and styles from the same typeface in a piece of text

  • Fun with text working its way in different directions

  • Integration of typography-based motion graphics into UI

Smooth Gradients

A Gradient, as the name suggests, is a gradual blending from one color to another. But it doesn’t end there. You can blend one color into another, and then another.

So you see, it is the transition between colors that isn’t abrupt or stark. This is a really versatile trend since it can be both bold and subtle in its tone. The designers of today use gradients to add depth to a flat design.

Using smooth gradients allows you as a designer to grab the user’s attention without sensory overload. The right way to do a gradient is to use two or more colors that are close to each other on the color wheel.

Remember, the idea of using more than 3 colors is enticing but can become overstimulating for your users.

Minimalism & Simplification

Minimalism is probably one of the underrated UI design trends in 2022. Minimalism is aesthetic because it chooses to show a clean and fresh style of design. The primary goal of minimalist UI design is to eliminate distractions and focus more on the content present.

This makes the user experience better since it’s still aesthetic and improves readability.

After all, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. To some, minimalism in UI design may look boring since there are no fancy elements but it does the job. Which is to simplify user interaction and ensure a smooth user journey


So here’s another trend that has made its comeback, that initially ruled the 50s and the 60s in posters and art pieces for advertising.

Brutalism may appear to be the exact opposite of gradients, 3D elements, and drop shadows but the flat design, contrasting colors, strong outlines, lack of symmetry, and bold typography challenges the design techniques of today. This, as a result, becomes more appealing to the younger audience.

Some benefits of Brutalism in your UI design:

  • Lesser distractions

  • Navigational ease

  • Faster loading time

In the brutalism approach to UI design, serifs and sand serifs, which are softer on the eyes than mono fonts, are the norm. Even though there are some distinct boundaries and lines, there is considerable room between elements rather than harsh edges.

Storytelling with scroll-triggered animation

Do you want to take your users on an amazing, profound journey that kicks them off ground and makes them fall in love with your brand, product, or services? Of course, you do.

In 2022, it’s simply not enough to just place information on your app and web pages. What you need is the art of ‘Scrollytelling’. Scrolling + Storytelling. This is the ultimate collaboration of narration and design aesthetics to walk your users through an engaging experience.

In scrollytelling, the narrative consists of illustrations, fonts, and text snippets to tell a visual story. With each scroll, a new animation or object, or even a block of text may pop up.

The most common scrollytelling you can see is on Apple and Samsung’s websites.


These were the most popular UI trends in design from 2022. Next time you’re looking for inspiration or want to bring a fresh look to your projects then do think about the list above. The designs highlighted in the post showcase how art and technology come together to create amazing experiences.

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Confetti Design Studio is an award-winning ui ux agency based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them with premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

Confetti Design Studio is an award winning creative design firm based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

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