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Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website Redesign

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Do you have a website? And are you looking for a website redesign? You probably do if you’re here right now on this page. If not, don’t worry, you or your business will soon have a great website and maybe after reading this article thoroughly, you won’t even need to care about a website redesign for a while.

For the people who said yes to the question above, we know it’s hard. Hard to maintain your website, which is not just a website but a storefront for your business in the advertising, sales, recruitment, and service areas.

On average, many companies small or big go for a website redesign once every two to three years. Why?

9/10 people abandon a website because they feel it was badly designed. 93% of people have left a website simply because it didn’t load fast enough. 94% of people don’t trust websites that are either poorly designed or feel outdated.

Hmm, those are fairly good reasons why they must redesign their websites. It’s probably better that way. But, why should you, as a small business owner or a personal brand redesign your website? Let’s get right into it.

Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand Anymore

This isn’t breaking news but a pretty common phenomenon that business strategies, products, and services keep changing inside a company. It’s easy for you to be accustomed to the brand vision and what it offers if you’re on the inside, actually working as part of their team.

But the problem is that a lot of times this isn’t reflected online.

Your website is the storefront for your business, right? Then why wouldn’t you keep your freshest items in stock on the front, or anywhere where the customer could find them easily?

If you do not think about keeping your current state of brand updated on your website then we’re sorry to say this but your customers will walk down the street and visit the other store, your competitor’s.

Think about all the tag lines, value proposition messages, and mission statements that you’ve created. It’s important to make sure that all of these are clear and consistent throughout the website. If this is something you don’t see right now, you need a website redesign.

Your Website Is Slow and Unresponsive

It cannot be stressed enough that an average modern online user’s attention span is about 8.25 seconds, which is even less than that of a goldfish. Yes! A goldfish!

According to SEMrush, the ideal loading time for your web pages should be between 1-2 seconds. THAT’S ALL YOU GET! If your website has been slow for a while or has recently been taking too much time then that’s the cue for you to get a website redesign.

The biggest way a slow load speed hurts your website is in terms of SEO. All that sweet organic juice… GONE!

The other side of this coin, which could be mistaken for a slow loading speed is when your website becomes unresponsive. Scroll down to read more about that.

Your Website Isn’t Optimized for Your Mobile Users

Several years ago, it was so easy for businesses to maintain their desktop-only websites because most of the internet was accessed through a computer. But nowadays, users are mostly accessing websites from mobile devices.

A smartphone. Laptop. Tablet. Even a smart fridge. Yes, we’re not kidding!

For such a versatile access point for the new age customer, you need to implement a responsive design. One that is easy to access on any platform. Pssst… Google has a mobile-friendly test now and informs searchers whether your website is best optimized for their device.

Unless you’re okay with losing credibility, click-through rates, leads, and sales get a website redesign NOW!

Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors Into Leads

Even if your website is doing well in driving a lot of traffic on a daily, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll convert into more and more leads. To convert those visitors into leads, you need a strategy.

Your website should be able to tell them who you are, what it is that you do, who your target audience is, and why you’re the right fit for your visitor’s needs.

So, a new website, after a website redesign, that contains the right calls to action will help you take advantage of every opportunity in converting visitors into your leads.

Your Website Is Missing Functionality

Simple-to-use websites are amazing. If yours is one already, then even better. But as your traffic and team grow, it’s more likely that you’re going to need to add more functionality to the website.

Doing so will help you meet the expectations of both your visitors, as well as your marketing team on the backend.

For example, if you’re looking to add a smart content filter or multi-language content you’re going to need a platform that is well equipped with the flexibility to integrate with such functionality. You can achieve this by going for a website redesign.

Your Website Design Is Outdated Compared to New Trends

Like we said at the beginning, trends keep changing like breeze in the air, and every two to three years, businesses need to update their website so they don’t seem old and outdated. It’s most likely that your competitor has already made a move and now you’re in a rut trying to figure out if you should do it too.


Experts would tell you that don’t hesitate to shell out a large amount of money and get a website redesign right now if you want to make sure that your digital storefront attracts new customers and makes their experience even better. And honestly, the experts are right. They know what they’re talking about.

There are many tools online which may be helpful for you to evaluate the design, speed, and outreach of your website, maybe even help you redesign the website. But it’s not a school project, this is your money-making digital face we’re talking about.

This is why we suggest you get in touch with us right now and discuss more on redesigning your website. Contact us.

Confetti Design Studio is an award winning creative design firm based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

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