Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

We Help Brands In The UAE Grow Through Iconic Branding & Websites

Have you ever discovered an easy way to bring about a change in the way you operate your business? If you haven’t, then now is the time for you to make some smarter choices of branding, promoting, developing, and bolstering your business with Confetti, the best branding agency Dubai, UAE.
24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed
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of all startups fail

*Most of these belong to the consumer
facing (B2C & D2C ) segment

Make Your Startup a Success in the Competitive Dubai and UAE Market

Make Your Startup a Success in the Competitive Dubai and UAE Market

Our expert design team collaborates extensively to determine your company’s needs. They comprehend your mission, vision, and objective better. You may stay current with market trends by doing this. In addition, we provide you with continuing support and direction based
on the company’s demands. By doing so, you can continue to outperform your rivals.

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Featured Work In UAE

Our staff has extensive knowledge of user psychology, hypothesis testing, idea validation, and the provision of reliable and valuable data.

Mobile app Design


Cryptograd is blockchain-oriented e-learning platform that aims at educating users about blockchain, web 3.0, and cryptocurrency.

“The complete roadmap was executed with excellent quality… followed smooth workflow and was very professional throughout.”

-Vansh (Cryptograd)

Branding Identity design


Grollet is an Indian fintech company that allows people to get into investments from an early age and have enough savings by the time they plan to have a family of their own. The name ‘Grollet’ is derived from 2 words (Grow + Wallet).

“Confetti’s branding expertise elevated our fintech product’s image, standing out in crowded market.”

Samantha (PM @ Grollet)

Branding & Packaging


Baaris is a Turkish skincare brand that is proud of its traditional and gentle ingredients and serums that have been passed on for several generations.

“Our team and investors are extremely satisfied with the final app!”

Isra (CEO @ Baaris)

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Your dream mobile app & website is just one click away. Let’s create brilliance together!

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UI/UX Design & Branding Agency

Strategic Design Solutions for Every Business Size

Confetti Studio is a dynamic and innovative company that specializes in helping business in Dubai & UAE to grow & succeed, with a team highly skilled & experienced professionals. We offer a wide range of services designed to support business at every stage of their development. One of the key areas of expertise at Confetti Studio is UI/UX & branding. Our team has a deep understanding of the Dubai & UAE markets, and able to develop the targeted campaigns that deliver result. We also offer a range of business support services that include everything from website design & development, to branding & graphic design.

We are a group of highly accomplished and competitive individuals who provide for the demands of businesses, large and small, regardless of their size. As the top branding company in UAE, we are well-known. Our branding and marketing promotional domain assist you in keeping on the competitive edge like always. So, work with us to give your brand the push it needs.

Create a digitally delightful experience with our expert team at Confetti

Even after being in business for a while, the majority of brands still have trouble building a solid reputation for themselves. With the aid of our capable team, which does everything in its power to deliver results, and a brand that can speak for itself in terms of authenticity, Confetti aims to lessen this struggle. A strong brand would pay you back, and we would accomplish all of this for your financial gain with our branding services in Dubai, UAE.

A digitally enhanced experience is provided by our UI/UX design and development team which achieves benchmarks. No matter what complications develop throughout the process, we always deliver the greatest outcomes. Every aspect of how our plan and roadmap have been carried out has been excellent.

Every business owner today needs to think of innovative ways to enhance their established business practices, such as hiring the best UI/UX design company in the UAE. This would help them establish a strong technical basis and provide their customers with a better overall digital experience. In order for your clients to always be able to count on you, our outcomes are focused and will help you acquire the highest position and rank. So give your business the best possible boost with our assistance.

Designing mobile applications

We have aided several companies in creating their mobile application designs, facilitating efficient operations. Our technical output has been very successful, from maintaining a seamless workflow to fully executing the strategy.

Development of mobile applications

The process of creating and designing the app is only sometimes the simpler one. We made the process of developing mobile applications as simple as possible and generated goodwill, both of which are still assisting us in building our brand today.

Packaging and branding

Today, many brands rely on us to increase the visibility of their brand identity. Brands nowadays are able to give their products the ideal packaging and name exposure via the use of our professional services.

Brand recognition

A further example of our work is the process of brand building and identity, where we have helped numerous brands succeed. Many brands have a well-known name in the UAE today because of our brand knowledge and delivery.

Attention to Details

The labour we put into each packaging design in Dubai, UAE, which is nothing short of a masterwork of ingenuity, is what makes us more successful. Your brand needs the ideal packaging and design, which Confetti can provide for you in spades.

Let consumers connect with your brand.

Every customer should consider you as their first thought while considering their requirements. Now that you have a brand that speaks for itself, this may become a reality.
Confetti’s product packaging design UAE lets you achieve this goal.

UI/UX Design & Branding Agency