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What Is Flat Design and Its 10 Benefits

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A decade ago, designers had a knack for showing off their skills and racking their portfolios with some of the most flashy illustrations, elements, components, and animations. And sitting today in 2022, believing it hard to imagine such a time, you’ll be surprised to know that the visitors, customers, and users liked this approach. 

And then slowly things started to shift…

The best minds in design started working towards bringing real life to your screens, with drop-shadows and faux-realistic textures. 

Today we’re going to talk about the conception and application, as well as the popularity of Flat Design in our world. Scroll down to get started. 

What Is Flat Design Concept?

Flat design Dribble
Real Estate Illustration by Izabela S on Dribbble

The endeavor to bring real life to screens gave birth to Flat Design. 

Flat Design came around in the era of the early 2010s through the prominent use of simple, two-dimensional style elements with bright colors. The world was exposed to flat design style through some of the earliest works of today’s biggest tech giants. Microsoft did it with Windows 8 design, Apple did it with their iOS 7 software, and Google with Material Design. All of these use flat design to best advantage.

Flat Design is a minimalist, modern, two-dimensional way to deliver information quickly. Flat Design features minimalist typography, grid-based layouts, bright and contrasting color palettes, white space, sharp edges, and strips off shading, glare, and highlights. 

In order to identify if what you’re looking at is flat design, you need to think about 6 things:

  • Contrasting colors
  • 2D styling
  • Minimal Typography
  • White Space
  • Grid-Based Layouts
  • Simplicity

The Benefits of Flat Design

Island in a concrete ocean by Coen Pohl on Dribbble
Island in a concrete ocean by Coen Pohl on Dribbble
  • The grid-based layout of the flat design is essentially very responsive.
  • Flat Design is more timeless, meaning it is future-proof and may survive the test of time over the years as trends change.
  • Flat Design is versatile so you can use this style and approach for any industry or niche.
  • The minimal typography and white space from the flat design style help with increasing readability and legibility. 
  • Simple design is easier to digest than flashy graphics.
  • Familiar icons and cards are efficient in guiding users through the UI if you use a flat design.
  • Flat design is distraction-free, so you can improve your website navigability.
  • The hierarchy of contrasting colors leads to a better engagement ratio and conversions from your website visitors. 
  • Many flat design characters are super useful when you think of designing accessible interfaces, which again tells you how versatile it is.
  • Flat design interfaces put less load on the server, hence improving loading speeds, and eventually your website’s SEO.

Flat Design Examples


Apple's website has flat design example


Elementor website has flat design example


Evernote website has flat design example

Burger King

Burger King website has flat design example


It’s about time you accept that people are experiencing your amazing textured super 3D design on a flat screen. So why not embrace flat design? 

People thought that this is going to be one of those trends that dies down 6 months down the line, but flat design endured and proved its versatility. Even today in 2022, many brands prefer the flat design. For many, this is what makes their design ‘pop’.

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