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When Should I Change My Branding And Packaging Design?

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The world of marketing and branding is never stagnating; it keeps changing rapidly to offer something unique to all of us. And, in such an evolving environment, it becomes utterly imperative to adopt ways that can help a vendor stay relevant. One of the best ways to keep being customers’ favourites despite tight competition is to come up with exceptionally interesting and captivating branding techniques and packaging designs.

Packaging design, in particular, plays a silent yet significant role in influencing consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions. Seeing the technological updates and trends of online shopping, even digital branding services have become a top concern for sellers nowadays. However, both these elements must be updated, revamped, and used strategically from time to time.

Now, the question is when should you change your branding and packaging design and how to do it effectively? Should you do it in-house or consider hiring a professional agency for such a crucial job? Well, this blog will answer all of your questions clearly and comprehensively.

Signs it is time to change your branding and packaging design

Vendors often find themselves in the turmoil of sticking to a packaging design for concerns like brand recognition, loyalty, etc. and the need for changing the design to keep pace with the evolving tastes of the buyers. Understanding when to change your packaging or even branding design can indeed be a challenge but holds immense weight to maintain a competitive edge and impress the target audience. A few signs indicating the right time for a change are discussed below for your quick reference.

Changing Consumer Preferences

Preferences of buyers keep changing after some time and packaging design must also change accordingly. Remember what once used to appeal to your target audience might no longer resonate with their present ideologies or tastes. So, keep in check whenever people show a bold and active change to recreate your packaging design accordingly.

No Longer In Use

Outdated designs will have to be revamped at the earliest to stay relevant in the industry. If your packaging design is no more aligned with the prevailing design trends, take it as a loud sign that a refresh is required. For example, black and white logos had to be replaced with coloured ones while transiting from the early 90s to later years.

New Product Lineup

Are you introducing new products or variations of existing ones? Well, you can think about bringing new and exciting changes so that the consumers know about the new launch. Proceed with the help of the best branding agency in India that can update the design while striking a balance between innovation and consistency for brand loyalty.

Competitive Edge or Need

Industries like FMCG, clothing, etc. often attract heavy competition. So, if you want to grab more market share, you will have to invest in attractive and innovative packaging designs to avoid falling behind. The battle of redesigning between McDonald’s and Burger King is a classic example where both players keep changing with each other’s moves.

There can be other reasons as well that may invite changes to your branding or packaging designs varying from situation to situation. Sometimes even a regulatory change mandates vendors to comply with the laid down standards while designing the package or overall branding.

How to change the branding and packaging design?

When it comes to modifying the design, the tussle is between going in-house or outsourcing digital branding services. A wise decision here would be to hire a professional agency because of the following brownie points.

Better Experience And Expertise

Redesigning with outside professional design agencies will bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, and resources to the table. Such specialists have a deep understanding of design principles, market trends, and consumer psychology which they will use to revamp your package and brand design miraculously. They will craft designs that not only look appealing but also communicate your brand’s message effectively.

Advanced Tools And Software

Innovative designs and digital branding are possible with the help of advanced technologies which might not be available in-house. Contrarily, professional agencies have access to cutting-edge design tools and technologies using which they ensure that your packaging design is not just visually striking but also technically sound. Such expertise becomes significant if your packaging involves intricate details or special printing.

Cost-Effective And More Productive

Some people misperceive that outsourcing will be an expensive affair and fall into the trap of getting designing services from in-house amateurs to save costs. Doing this might seem tempting but will be a risky approach as naive designers may not drive desired results. Such mistakes can impact your brand’s image and potentially cost you more in the long run. Opting for professional outsiders will get you quality results.

How to choose the right agency for changing your branding and packaging design?

Moving on, the next point needing your keen attention would be the selection criteria of the design to facilitate the success of your packaging redesign project. Here are some tips you may use to make an informed choice:

  • Go through the agency’s portfolio to gauge their way of style, creativity, and versatility. Their previous work will give you an idea of how good they are for you.
  • Also, consider gathering feedback from past clients on matters including the agency’s professionalism, communication, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Prefer a team taking keen interest and time to understand your brand, its values, and its target audience to create a design resonating with your customers.
  • Check whether the chosen agency has a fair share of the market. You may also check if it holds a stronger competitive position for effective packaging design.
  • If possible, churn out the rate of investment (ROI) of the redesign on the basis of the costs incurred and the probable financial gains that can be achieved.

Always bear in mind that the packaging design for your product is not just another pretty face. It is rather a powerful tool that can help to convey your brand’s identity and influence consumer decisions in your favour.

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