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Leading Design Agency For Everything FMCG

We are a team of passionate and experienced designers who live and breath FMCG! We work with clients from around the world to help them build and scale their FMCG brand using through our design & consultation services!

Brands We’ve Worked With

We work with FMCG brands across the world in the aim to make them Iconic and memorable!

We Work on 3 Different Levels

Building & scaling FMCG brands is hard. Therefore, we work with brands as a long term partner across 3 levels to ensure holistic success!

Our Services

Brand Building

We turn unknown companies to memorable brands!
This means you are loved more, you sell more and you are remembered more than your competition.

Packaging Design

Build a product packaging that is guaranteed to sell on online & offline retail channels!
We make it happen through our packaging performance methodology!

Website Design

We unlock digital retail channels for our clients by building a conversion-amplified website.
This allows you to be fully in-charge of your product and how you sell it!

The only agency in the world that can predict packaging performance

Just like ads or website performance, our in-house tool allow us to measure and predict “Packaging Performance” for your products!
This means you will know how if your Ideal customer will pick your product or ignore it!

Ranked #1 FMCG Design Agency, 2023

The work we have done In the FMCG space for branding, packaging and website design has made us India’s leading FMCG design agency!
We are miles ahead!

Leading Design Agency For Everything FMCG

Our approach to packaging design brings the perfect blend of science ,data analytics and creativity. This combination has brought our clients massive success on the shelves, and has made us a leader in this area!

Featured Case Studies

Take a look at some of our best work with FMCG brands around the world and how we have helped them go from invisible to Iconic through our branding, packaging and website design solutions!

About Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain is an award-winning designer turned founder who leads the team at Confetti Design Studio through his prior experience in UI/UX design, branding & user research. He has been part of the global design space for close to a decade and is now working with FMCG brands at different stages to help them grow in a profitable manner.

Team At Confetti

Shreemoyee Banerjee


Megha Nagar


Harsh Makwana


Nandita Singh


Hrishikesh K S


Suvam Sahoo

WordPress Developer

Himal Hazra


Shravan Gubbi

Graphic Designer

Anand A B


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