Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

Bring Your Ideas to Life With the Best UI UX Design Company

The research phase with our UI UX Studio involves understanding users, analyzing competitors, usability testing, heuristic evaluation, and ethnographic research.

According to StartupGrid (2019), most startups fail in the initial stage because of a poorly designed mobile application that users don’t find useful.

Confetti Design Studio uses expertise and world-class talent in mobile app and web design to make sure that does not happen to you!

Our Design Process Drives Results


The research phase with our UI UX Studio involves understanding users, analyzing competitors, usability testing, heuristic evaluation, and ethnographic research.


Our strategy phase as a UI UX Design Company involves an excellent design thinking process, and techniques to create product roadmaps, visualize data, user flows, and information architecture.


Using tested modern design processes, we breathe your idea into a tangible product that everybody loves.


Our design handoff phase has an extensive focus on self-examination, user testing with the target audience, surveys, and post-launch activities.

We Provide UI UX Solutions for All Devices & Platforms!

Our UI UX Design Company offers you a wide selection of UI and UX Design Services tailored for all devices and platforms for your business.

Research & Analysis

Retainer based engagement model is based on an agreement, where you can retain ongoing services from us.

Mobile App

We create Mobile Apps with UI UX design that translates amazingly with your audience for both iOS and Android platforms.


Using the best accessibility and compatibility practices in line with usability principles, we design beautiful yet practical websites as a UI UX Studio.

Smart Watch

We love smartwatches, but more than that we love designing for smartwatches. Our fresh, user-focused design approach for your smartwatch app is what will give you an edge!

AR/VR Design

We create user-friendly augmented and virtual reality designs for various domains to bring a user experience and a solution which is close to reality.

Design Testing

Our expertise in user testing allows us to verify all hypothesis so that we deliver a product that is validated by real people with a product-market fit, saving our clients millions of dollars.

Design Approach That Guarantees Success!

In the last 6+ years in the Design Industry, we have worked with 50+ startups and worked on 100+ mobile app and web design projects. During this time, we have perfected our design process which guarantees success for all our clients.

Take a Look at Our Best Work!

Bumble: Smart Watch app

Bumble is a platform for connection – not just for those looking for their honey on Date mode, but those seeking new friendships on Bumble BFF, or looking for a new business mentor on Bumble Bizz too.

UI/UX Design for a Blockchain-Oriented Startup: Cryptograd

Cryptograd a cryptocurrency based e-learning platform aims to bridge the gap between Crypto and its users. We helped them design UI/UX for their app which is consistent and allows smooth onboarding for users.

Hiring a Freelancer or Full-Time Designer? Think Again.

We maintain a Golden-Standard of design for all our clients!

Unlike a freelancer or full-time designer, we work with our clients as partners. We don’t just seek “approval“ on our designs. Instead, we go way beyond to make sure the designs we create are significant and enjoyable for the end user!

Modern Products Built Using Modern Tools & Technologies

UI/UX Design Tools

UI UX design tools that a designer uses represents the nuts and bolts of a design. It helps in communicating the functionality, focusing on the user and turning an idea into something visual and interactive.

— Figma

— Adobe XD

— Sketch

— Lunacy

Prototyping Tools

We use an array of prototyping tools to combine visuals, navigational elements, and interactions that that helps clients visualize the product in use.

— Figma

— Protopie

— Principle

— Invision Studio

Graphic Design

As versatile designers, we use a number of Adobe and other tools for graphic design needs in order to ensure visual consistency and make things fun.

— Adobe Photoshop

— Adobe Illustrator

— Adobe Indesign

— Adobe After Effects

Video Editing and Motion Design

In the digital space when it comes to video editing and creating amazing motion designs for your products, we use industry-standard tools which bring perfection.

— Adobe Premiere Pro

— Da Vinci Resolve

— Final Cut Pro

— Rotato

Collaboration Tools

Daunting tasks become a cakewalk when you collaborate. This is why we use collaboration tools to make it quicker and simpler for designers to receive comments and and get approval for professional artworkl, without anything getting lost in translation.

— Figjam

— Miro

— Invision Studio

— Zoom

— Slack

Project Management Tools

With the aid of a project management tool, we easily create a hierarchy of tasks for timely and successful completion. We use it to show which tasks depend on one another and which actions are sequentially performed. In turn, this facilitates the team’s ability to complete its task.

— Notion

— Slack

— Zoom/Google Meet

— Google Calendar

— Calendly

Our Clients Love Us!


Why Is Confetti the Best Fit for Your Goals

We know that UX is not (only) UI

A part of the user experience is the user interface. Many designers make the error of assuming that UX and UI design are interchangeable. We work hard to keep the two disciplines separate for this reason.

User Experience is the emotional outcome of these interactions, whereas User Interface is the space where people and products interact. And with this mindset, we intend to keep things moving forward

Our Design Process isn’t set in stone

Many designers think there is a single, all-purpose UX strategy that can be applied to any project. Unfortunately, there is no universally applicable UX design.

We believe that a key component of UX design is the UX process. If a designer lacks a solid UX strategy, they might be operating blindly.

And on the other hand, great user experiences can be created using a simple and clear UX development approach.

Consulting. Over and Beyond Design

One of the primary advantages of working with a design firm is a full-service collaboration. Many design firms, like us, provide the design as part of a broader range of services, such as branding and marketing.

Clients often come for a “one-time” design project but find fresh ideas that have a big influence on the firm’s trajectory during our brand planning meetings.

This is not something you would expect from a service provider that merely replies to the brief and costs a reasonable fee.

Obviously, Graphic Design

A design firm like ours can assist with a wide range of design disciplines, including graphic design.

This might include everything from making electronic material to designing logos and other assets, as well as applying typography and graphics and, of course, designing UI and UX for your company.

Our knowledge in this area allows us to assist you in developing assets and marketing materials that encourage consumers to interact with your organization.


We earned the reputation of being the best UX UI design company because we evaluate the areas where your brand can excel with the power of graphics and interactive visuals.
Depending on your specific needs, you can hire freelancers when you want a one-time task to be accomplished. But you have a more significant project. In that case, you should hire user experience design firms, which would be way wiser than hiring an internal team because, at a lower cost, you will access highly effective, efficient, and powerful services from experts. You can also connect with Confetti if you are looking for top user experience design firms.
No professional or top UI UX design company will openly reveal its financial number, but companies like Confetti try to keep it competitive. The cost per project can be charged hourly or on a contract basis. You can learn more by asking your UI/UX design services company.

In contrast to a freelancer or full-time designer, we collaborate with our clients as partners. We do not just seek “approval” for our creations. Instead, we go above and above to ensure that the designs we produce are meaningful and pleasant for the end user!

We are a single Google Search away. You’ll find us at B61, B Block, EcoSphere, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

Come, let’s make your product better, with the Best UI UX design company, Confetti.

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