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We use 39 Million+ datapoints to predict if a user will pick your product or not!

Accurate Packaging Analysis Upto 98%

Our packaging prediction model is mapped by the research done by 3M as well as more than 30,000 focus groups conducted in-house.
After using eye-tracking device and real FMCG data points, we have been able to create a prediction model that provides reliable results every time!

How It Works


What Do They Want To See?

We collect 20+ data points about your Ideal customers and your brand to understand what is it that they would Ideally like to see in the product packaging that would get them to make the final purchase!
We call these the “Unique Purchase Drivers” (UPD).

What Are You Showing?

At this step, we create a heat map of your product’s packaging based assuming that the user only sees it for 3 seconds.
This gives us a realistic understanding of how a customer will see your current product on online or offline retail channels.
We call this the “Current Purchase Drivers” (CPD).

The Final Assessment

Once we have the “Unique Purchase Drivers” & “Current Purchase Drivers”, we then map them to see how closely they overlap with each other.
A high overlap of UPD & CPD demonstrate a high purchase affinity and a greater sale!
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When Creativity Meets Science

Our approach to packaging design brings the perfect blend of science ,data analytics and creativity. This combination has brought our clients massive sucess on the shelves, and has made us a leader in this area!

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