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# UX/UI Audit

Let’s talk about one of our favourite names in FinTech: CRED

CRED is an exclusive members-only club that rewards individuals for their timely credit card bill payments. As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and premium experiences. The platform allows you to manage multiple credit cards and provides analysis of your credit score. Members with high Experian or CRIF scores are eligible for additional rewards when they pay their credit card bills through the app. With CRED’s credit card spend tracking and management feature, you can analyze your spending habits and the efficiency of your credit card usage.

Speed Analysis

A one-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions

(source: Neil Patel)

As per GTmetrix, Cred’s website performs well on speed score. Website speed plays a crucial role in user experience, SEO, and business success. A fast-loading website can help businesses attract and retain customers, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately increase revenue.

Home Page

Bold, Crisp, Spot-On

Cred does a wonderful job in capturing attention. Looking at the hero section, it is immediately apparent what they do (give out rewards for bill payments) and whom they are targeting (credit card users). Big, bold, crisp words catch your eye and also sell their value proposition very clearly.

The CTA appears in the hero section and clearly communicates the purpose of this page – download the app and get started.

The website is all about converting their audience into users, and everything speaks for it.

The art of keeping users hooked

Cred talks about its USPs and features throughout the home page. The brilliant illustrations and interactions paired with catchy words do a great job at communicating this.

Besides, each USP section comes with a CTA that directly takes the user to download link, and they execute this without imposing.

Trust-building goes a long way!

Cred starts building credibility the moment a user lands on the home page. They talk about their humongous user base of 9M+ members, and further talk about their association with big brands. This builds trust as well as a feeling of FOMO, which are both important factors when it comes to conversion.

They also talk about the reviews on their app, and testimonials from real users, which create bandwagon effect for their potential users.

Product Page

Comprehensive. And interesting.

The product talks about the features in the actual application, “Cred Pay”, in a thorough manner. This page has a very different user interface than the rest of the website, which makes it stand out more. A different color palette, additional typefaces, and a unique take on illustrations keep this page interesting and also make the user familiar with the actual product, which uses a similar kind of brand voice.

Talk about the process

Cred takes the user through the whole process of “how” using a very visual manner. They also depict that getting rewards is as easy as “1-2-3!”

This builds familiarity with the product, since they use elements from their actual user interface.

image 55

The power of gamification

Cred is not your “everyday bill payment application”, and they make sure they don’t come across as one. The use of gamification in their product makes things even more interesting.

They also award something called “flairs” in addition to rewards. This makes the whole process more personalised and compelling.

A user also has the option to customise their “skins” for the scanner. To each their own.

...but where do I take an action?

The CTA to download appears at the very bottom of the page. Considering that a large chunk of users never scroll to the bottom of the page, this causes friction in the conversion process. The user has to go back to the home page to take action.

Also, even if the user reaches to the bottom of the page and clicks on “download Cred” banner, it takes us back to the home page, where we have to click again on the CTA.

The conversion process on product page can be smoother in my opinion.

Converting The Audience

As simple as it can get.

The major purpose of the website is to get their target audience converted into active users. Cred uses a “no hassle” technique to do that, should the user decide to tap the download button.

The CTAs are labelled with a clear purpose – “download Cred”, “explore rewards”, “become a member”, etc. And each CTA triggers a popup on web version that asks you to fill your mobile number to receive the download link, or directly takes you to download the app on mobile.

No extra details. No added distractions.

The Overall Experience

User Experience

Major part of the website gives an impeccably smooth experience. The user does not have to wander too much to look for answers to questions such as “what? why? who? what next?”

From the moment one lands on the website to the moment one leaves, it is absolutely clear what this product is about, and what the website is trying to do.

User Interface

Cred implements a very bold and modern take on the user interface. The choice of typography, colors, and illustrations all make sure the product stands way above the competition.

The visuals catch users’ attention, the colors are bright and engaging, and the brand appears consistent.

Closing Remarks

Our Rating is 4.5/5

Cred has done an impeccable job at designing their website. The user experience as well as the interface work wonderfully well. I especially loved the illustration style and the way the colors come together!

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