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# UX/UI Audit

Jupiter ; A fintech platform set to revolutionise how people spend their money

Jupiter is poised to redefine the way individuals manage their finances and make transactions. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features, Jupiter empowers users to effortlessly track their spending, set personalized budgets, and make secure and convenient payments. By seamlessly merging technology and finance, Jupiter aims to revolutionize the financial landscape and provide a transformative experience for users looking to take control of their money.

Speed Analysis

‘47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.’

(Source: Kissmetrics – “How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line”, 2011)

According to GTmetrix, the Jupiter website’s speed score falls below average. The speed of a website plays a vital role in user experience and conversions. A website that loads quickly can assist businesses in attracting and retaining customers, enhancing their search engine rankings, and ultimately boosting their revenue.

Home Page

A Harmonious Fusion of Style and Intuitive Navigation

As visitors land on Jupiter’s homepage, they are immediately captivated by its visually appealing and intuitive layout. The design elements harmoniously blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience. The color palette, typography, and imagery synergistically work together to create an atmosphere that exudes professionalism, trust, and innovation.

Consistent visual identity

A consistent visual direction can be found throughout the homepage with a outer space themed custom illustrations and short videos/gifs that gives the brand a unique touch. It appeals well to the target customers they are trying to focus on ie; Millenials and Gen Z’s

Trust building

Being a fintech brand, Trust and security plays a crucial role in customer engagement. Jupiter tries to incorporate a section that serves this purpose on the first fold of the homepage and in the footer as well where logo’s of banking and payment partners are displayed

Product Page

Streamlined Sophistication

The product page also follows the minimal approach as seen in the homepage where they showcases major features of the product in a simple and elegant manner making the information easy to comprehend even for someone who has very less knowledge about finance.

Salary Accounts Page

Simplifying Payrolls

The salary accounts page is a new user base that the brand is trying to build upon which provides attractive offers and facilities to businesses who are looking forward to streamline employee payrolls and other management activities along with health insurance facilities.

Effortless engagement

The primary CTA in the hero section navigates the user to another section is the same page where the user can directly book a call with their team to discuss in depth about the service without any dependency on any external medium

This helps both the user and the brand itself to reduce friction by making the process as short as possible.

Detrimental factors

Compromised accessibility
due to poor colour contrast

Even though the colour palette provides a unique identity for the brand througout the website, It causes major issues due to very poor color contrast.

First, it can make the content difficult to read, affecting user experience and engagement.
Second, it may hinder accessibility for individuals with visual impairments or color vision deficiencies, limiting their ability to navigate and use the platform effectively.
Lastly, it can undermine the website’s professionalism and credibility, potentially leading to a negative perception.

Customer review section could have been included

Customer reviews can provide social proof and build trust among potential customers. When users see positive feedback from other customers, they are more likely to trust the services and products offered by the company. This could help increase credibility and alleviate concerns or doubts users may have.

Spacing can be improved

Due to large whitespaces in between different sections of the homepage, sometimes the screen appears nearly blank. thereby causing a short discontinuity while scrolling through. This can have negative impact on the user experience.

The Overall Experience

User Experience

Overall, the website provides a decent user experience with its minimal and well structured flow of information with good visuals.

However there are certain things like accessibility and spacing issues which needs to be resolved for better user experience .

User Interface

Jupiter’s website design is visually appealing with high-quality images and curated reviews of their products.

The UI of customer reviews section can be improved to make it more visually appealing.

Certain sections in the homepage follow a completely different visual direction, which the brand needs to be mindful of.

Closing Remarks

Our Rating is 3.2/5

Jupiter has done a great job with the User interface by being consistent throughout the website with quality visuals that creates a unique identity for the brand.

As far as User experience is concerned, there are areas which performed well and areas which need to be improved like website speed, accessibility and spacing.

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