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Snitch - A Bangalore-based homegrown D2C men’s apparel brand

Snitch – Men’s Online Clothing Brand in India. Encapsulating inspirations from around the globe, SNITCH crafts clothing for the fashion-forward modern man. Offering an unconventional style ethos as a men’s fast fashion brand, they design styles in response to the latest trends.

Speed Analysis

Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time (between seconds 0-5).

(Portent, 2019)

As per GTmetrix, Snitch website performs below average on speed score. Website speed plays a crucial role in user experience, SEO, and business success. A fast-loading website can help businesses attract and retain customers, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately increase revenue.

Home Page

A Bold, Counterintuitive Take On Hero Section

Snitch’s homepage is designed to make an immediate impact on users. Their hero section showcases the brand’s personality with eye catching visual design that draws the user’s attention. The offer banner just below the hero section follows a similar visual direction with a good hierarchy that creates a style statement on its own.

Product Categorization

The first fold of the homepage shows the latest products  with a consistent use of images in a clean layout with price and available sizes of all products along with a hover interaction over the product images to show a different perspective of the same product

Following New arrivals, the next sections categorizes different products based on different styles and top sellers.

Building the ‘trust factor’

With over 13202+ reviews the brand shows no compromise in the quality of the product that is being delivered to their customers. They also showcase the awards and recognition to further solidify this social proof.

The homepage also features images of the well known investors of the brand from popular show ‘Shark Tank India’.

An in-built platform for sustainable fashion choice

Re-love snitch is a sustainable addition to the brand itself that provides a thrift store exclusively for pre owned Snitch products where people can sell their used snitch clothes through a verified mechanism and buy used clothes from others at discounted rates.

This particular feature depicts the social concern of the brand and its efforts to minimize carbon footprint by keeping the sold products in circulation.

Product Page

Clean and minimal layout

The product page of the website showcases the product from multiple angles so that the customer never misses the complete view of the product.

The size guide chart in the product page is also a great addition, making it easier for the user to double check the product fit before they choose to buy it. It may help in reducing the product return rate as it makes the customer well aware of the product sizing.

Product reviews

The product reviews from actual customers is a great way to ensure a sense of trust in the new customers to purchase the product. 

A filter option provided in the review section helps categorize these reviews based on different criteria. 

Detrimental factors

Value proposition and choice of font size could be better

The overall brand consistency needs to be improved throughout the website. 

The hero section of website could have a proper value proposition text that communicates effectively with its customers.

The current font size used in the website seems very small and might hamper readability as well. This can be improved by increasing the size of the text by a few points .The text hierarchy can also be seen missing where the price of product is shown.

Customer review section can have a better UI

Although the Client review section serves as great addition to the website to evoke trust, UI of this section can be improved in terms of spacing, proximity and hierarchy.

Inconsistent visual style

A few areas of the website follow a completely different visual direction. One such example is use of neomorphism in product detail section.

The awards section also lacks the brand touch and feels very basic. 

The Overall Experience

User Experience

Overall, the website provides a decent user experience. However, it needs improvement in web vitals like structure and loading time.

Additionally, the font size and text hierarchy needs to be improved for better accessibility.

User Interface

Snitch website design is visually appealing with high-quality images and curated reviews of their products.

The UI of customer reviews section can be improved to make it more visually appealing.

Certain sections in the homepage follow a completely different visual direction, which the brand needs to be mindful of.

Closing Remarks

Our Rating is 2.7/5

Although the brand had put in efforts to improve sales by providing offers, in-depth information about the product to reduce the chance of product returns and more, the website has room for improvement in several aspects including brand consistency, accessibility and web vitals.

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