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24 Hour Response guaranteed

D2C Brand Solutions

Being people’s trusted design company, Confetti is committed to providing design services that are tailored to unique business needs. From a compelling logo to captivating packaging, our solution encompasses everything that connects your business directly to the consumer.

Unleashing the Creative Side of Your Brand

Confetti helps brands build a cohesive visual identity that stands out in the crowded competition of the market through a unique proposition that we disclose for you.

Eagle-Eyes On Competition

We are super disciplined about competition and make sure your direct-to-consumer business keeps extracting opportunities through interactive designs and powerful visuals.

Working Multi-Dimensional

Not just the product packaging alone, but your direct-to-consumer brand needs a comprehensive design solution that looks fresh and is smartly selected for multiple applications.

Making Your Brand Recognized

Whether it is logo, brand theme, interface of a website or app, or a D2C pack, we want to make your product recognized on every shelf your business is linked to.

Featured Branding Work in D2C Industry

D2C branding is gaining mainstream popularity because companies are heavily relying on promotional tools that create a direct link with the consumer. And as a pioneering D2C branding agency, we are proud of our services because we provide all the things you need for branding. Take a look at our work.


Miho is a kids’ clothing brand dedicated to manufacturing kids’ organic wear that feels soft, is thoughtfully designed for comfort, and is certified with no harmful chemicals involved in the process. We helped Miho design their visual identity and packaging to help them represent the values that they stand for, such as ethical produce and sustainability.

“Confetti Design Studio delivered high-quality work in a timely manner, and we are very optimistic about the deliverables. They communicated frequently and promptly. Their professionalism and proactive approach were hallmarks of their work.”

-Parushi Garg (Miho)


Marviza is a global fashion E-Commerce for women who love traveling and are looking for high-quality trendy clothes for their next trip. We helped Marviza design their visual identity and packaging to help them represent the values that they stand for.

“Working with Confetti was a wonderful experience in itself. From chalking out the scope of the project to taking up initiative and providing valuable feedback in every step of the project, Confetti never failed to impress me and my team.”

-Vansh (Marviza)

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Transforming branding patterns with Direct-to-Consumer growth

The growth of the D2C industry is primarily propelled by the rising consumer’s appetite for products that they want to receive directly from the manufacturer without an intermediary’s involvement. But problems strike for the supplier because modern consumers are smart and would only respond to a promotional activity that’s visually enticing.

With 55% of Gen Z consumers purchasing products directly from D2C brands, opportunities are undoubtedly sparkling bright. So, make sure that with poor-recognition elements, you aren’t reducing your brand’s value.

Empowering your brand with D2C success

So, what are you waiting for? Give your customers a personalized shopping experience while unlocking the complete potential of your D2C brand. The Confetti team firmly believes that branding is more than just interactive visuals that define your personality while setting you apart from the rest of the business.

As a result, the need for a message that can be conveyed in a clear and compelling way is realized. In other words, you need a logo that reflects your business value, a packaging design that draws consumer’s attention from a distance, or a theme that communicates with consumers the way it needs to.

Industries we Operate In


Fashion outfits and apparel are never sold by themselves. It is the unique branding touch that makes customers feel proud of their purchase. So make sure your product design makes them feel proud.


At Confetti, we study the synchronisation of finance and technology and adapt ourselves daily to this modern face of finance with the aim of serving superior results to clients and their firms.


Fast-moving consumer goods are ever-versatile, so branding strategies and visual interaction with customers need to evolve with time, and Confetti is already mastering this science with utmost precision.


There’s a list of brands from the e-commerce sector that have benefited from Confetti’s services and are still enjoying our solutions because they are exclusively designed to meet their expectations.


Our team closely monitors the ongoing trends of the gaming sector, and our flawless branding solutions accurately reflect business values and capture audience attention.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Nobody is going to purchase your product until you describe it clearly through visuals. Confetti understands the fundamentals of product marketing, and the results will be seen in the designs of beauty and cosmetics products.

Success Stories

Akshit Jain
Founder @ Loomsona

Rodrigo Pérez
Founder @ Bigtoe

Vipul Bharat Marlecha
Founder @ Janit
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