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Get Featured: Landing Page

Website UI/UX Design: 2021

Get Featured is a PR service that helps small and large scale businesses and business owners grow their business by writing articles for them and featuring them on leading media platforms like NBC, CBS, FOX News and their affiliates.

The Challenge

Businesses often struggle with establishing credibility among their audience. A lot of them try a lot of strategies to attract the right kind of audience, and often fail.

The Solution

Get Featured wanted to help these businesses by making them look credible and trustworthy. They publish articles about the business on leading network agencies like NBC, CBS, FOX News and their affiliates.

Our Approach

Our approach for “Get Featured” was to create a presentable visual system for the website so as to increase the conversions and to create a user flow that would be efficient in reducing drop offs from the website.


Before designing a solution, an extensive brainstorming session was held with our team as well as Get Featured’s team to understand the problem in depth.

This resulted in deciding upon a user flow that would be optimal in terms of usability and efficient in reducing drop offs from the website.

Many variations of wireframes were designed before the final wireframes were decided upon. T his helped us experiment with various features and layouts.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis with other websites such as Brand Featured, Stellar Image Media, Tittac Marketing, and Linking News gave us the idea of the products that were already in the market.

This helped us ideate and improve upon our own approach and hence deliver a product that was reliable and efficient.



The ideation process included user flow and wireframes which were used to outline the functionalities of the product. The main features of the app included:

  • Choosing a package
  • Making payment
  • Filling out order requirements


Based on the flow of the website, we designed wireframes that provided ease of access to the user.



The final product we designed is a responsive website with a smooth process that allowed users to easily choose their preferable package, make payment, fill order details, and get featured via articles!

Design System

The UI design process started with creating a consistent design system which included a cohesive system of buttons, typography, color palette, dialog boxes, popups, etc.

design system

User Interface

The UI design was the final product that was created after finalizing the wireframes and design system. This included the complete user flow of the product.

high fidelity designs - home
high fidelity designs - payment and order

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