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Green Portfolio: Website

UI/UX : 2023

Green Portfolio is a SEBI-registered portfolio management service and research house focused on asset management. They offer personalized goal based investment management solutions for each user tailored to their personal goals and investment needs.


  • Green Portfolio targets both HNIs and retail investors for their portfolio management and smallcase services. They connect with their user base through an online platform.
  • They were recently ranked as one of the top performing PMS in India.
  • Despite being ranked so high in their field, their website saw low conversion and overall looked obsolete.


  • To enhance the website’s performance and achieve the desired outcomes of increased conversions and reduced drop offs, various optimization strategies were employed. We did this by improving the user experience, updating the user interface, and making the product responsive.
  • By implementing technical optimizations and revising the design architecture of the website, we were able to significantly enhance its performance.



We conducted an audit based on both quantitative and qualitative information. The result of the audit could provide valuable insights for Green Portfolio to make informed decisions and improve their business operations.

Insights from Audit

Competitive Analysis

We conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to understand the market and Green Portfolio’s position in comparison to its competitors. This type of analysis involves thoroughly researching and evaluating the competition in a particular market in order to gain a better understanding of the industry and the company’s standing within it. The results provided valuable insights for Gelatin Labs to improve their offerings and stay competitive in the market.

Insights from Analysis


Tree Testing

Tree testing is a user testing method that allows website designers to assess the usability of a website’s navigation structure.
To optimize the UX of our website, we conducted a tree testing study with a sample of users. Based on the results, we made changes to the site’s navigation structure. This process helped us to identify and address usability issues, such as confusing or unclear labels, and to refine the site’s navigation structure to better meet the needs of our users. As a result, we were able to improve the overall user experience of our website, making it easier and more intuitive for users to find the information they need

User Flow

We created a user flow based on tree testing and the ideal path the user should follow as per the website’s journey. This helped us get a bird’s eye view of how each action would be laid out for the user to encounter.

Designing a responsive interface

A huge chunk of Green Portfolio’s users use mobile devices to access the website. But the previous version of the website was not optimised nor responsive for mobile. We hence applied the mobile first approach, where we first designed wireframes for mobile, and then converted them for desktop view.

Design System

We introduced new design elements such as colors, typefaces, and components with the aim of creating a “modern and professional” tone. This suggests that the company is focused on improving their brand image and wants to convey a relevant and accessible personality to their customers. The use of specific colors, typefaces, and components is a way to visually communicate this message to users and make them feel more comfortable and confident about using the website. The redesign is a step towards creating a positive customer experience and building a strong brand identity.

Final Design


Measuring Business Growth

The website for Green Portfolio showcases every aspect of the market in a way that potential investors can understand, navigate and easily complete transactions. The result to date is a mobile-responsive, easy to use website that targets potential investors.

Our strategy has led to a substantial growth in the performance of their website. Using Google Analytics, following improvements in performance have been identified:

  • New Users: +11.7%
  • Page Views: +12%
  • Total Sessions: +10.58%

Where are we now?

The redesigned website for Green Portfolio is currently being developed. When the website goes live, we intend to analyse the data and make required changes based on users’ behaviour and response.

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