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Killjoy: Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity: 2022

Killjoy is a North American marketing agency. They help companies with solutions such as digital marketing, influencer marketing, content production, etc.

About Killjoy

Killjoy works with small-medium consumer-facing brands that cater to a younger demographic (15-30 year-olds). Their clients range from skincare brands, cafes, content creators, vegan FMCG brands, etc.

Their aim is to make sure that their potential clients know how up-to-date Killjoy is when it comes to millennial, Gen-Z, and Gen-Y trends. They want to look like that rebellious marketing agency that executes crazy marketing campaigns which other established companies would never experiment with..

color palette of killjoy
killjoy logo grabbed by hand
killjoy logo.png
killjoy logos.png
killjoy logo grabbed by hand
killjoy logo on solid background
Killjoy logo on a poster mockup
instagram photos in killjoy account
killjoy brand billboard of influencer with a product

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