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PetFriends: Web App

UI/UX Design: 2021

PetFriends Is an online platform for Indian pet parents to book services and medical appointments for their pets. In 2021, we designed their responsive web app and empower them to hit the market in early with an intuitive and user-friendly product!

The Challenge

The Indian obsession with pets is at an all-time high. And with over 4 million dogs, the Indian pet care market is valued at over USD 1.5 Billion with an annual growth rate of over 35%.

However, Indian pet parents have no platform to explore and avail services for their beloved pets such as vaccination, grooming, training, etc. They often have to rely on old-school methods that keep them away from exploring the best pet services around them.

current scenario of pets in India


Empathy plays a huge role while designing for a sensitive user group. It becomes critical to ensure that the users trust your product and feel safe while making an appointment for their pets and exploring new service providers. Luckily, our team already consists of pet parents that proved to be an advantage while designing.

We even held several meetings with the PetFriends team to explore ways to evoke trust in a new user. This included reviews, the experience of the doctor, history, etc.

Our own pets
Having pets on our own enabled us to empathise with the end-users in a much better way!


The ideation process included user-flow and wireframes which were used to outline the functionalities of the product. The main features of the app included:

  • Creating pet profiles
  • Browsing for service providers
  • Booking an appointment
  • Reviewing the service provider.
Flow chart of user journey


The UI design for PetFriends included a light mode website with a green and blue accent. The light-hearted color palette was used to ensure calmness and a sense of trust within the product.

Additionally, individual screens were made for each service provider with info about the staff’s history, work experience, etc. This allowed the users to make an informed decision and feel secure while doing so.

Exclusive illustrations were prepared and used for the pet profiles. This included most common Indian pets such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc.

User interface design of the app
User interface design of the app 2

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