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StockPe: Fintech Branding

Brand Identity & Packaging: 2023

StockPe is a fintech company that aims to revolutionize financial education by creating an interactive and enjoyable experience that builds confidence, knowledge, and success for every individual. Their mission is to break down barriers to financial literacy and provide a path to investment success for all. They believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge and tools they need to make informed investment decisions and build long-term wealth.


To redesign their existing brand identity and optimize them to suit for all their brand touchpoints.

User Persona

The target Users for StockPe is made up of people between the ages of 21 and 26 who are either studying or started working. They are new to the financial domain and are seeking to achieve financial freedom.

Positioning Statement

Empowering investors with an innovative approach to financial education.

Learn, Earn, and Invest with Confidence.
Our dynamic learning platform with video modules, engaging quizzes, and rewarding tournaments provides a fun and effective way to master the stock market and build real investment capital while learning.

Allowing You to Build Your Knowledge and Investment Portfolio Simultaneously.

Brand Personality

Brand Archetype : The Magician
This brand concept embodies a bold and forward-thinking aesthetic, blending modern, intriguing and playful visuals

Brand look and feel :

Bold Fonts
The playful and intriguing visuals are paired with dynamic typography, conveying a sense of energy and power while maintaining a friendly and playful tone.

Bold Colors
The Black and Yellow are highly contrasting colors, these help in portraying the brand being innovative in a much more friendly and playful nature.

Fun and 3D illustrations
3D illustrations with a touch of humor and fun element to it, makes the brand more welcoming and relatable. The world building aspect with illustrations brings up a sense of curiosity

Ideal For
The brand that aims to position itself as an authority and expert in its field while maintaining a friendly and approachable tone.

Brand Values

Competitive Analysis

By analyzing the competition in the market, we were able to have a deeper understanding of the industry and the style in which these competitors appealed to the customers. This allowed us to come to an understanding to visualize how the brand should appeal.


After mood boards were done, the ideas were conceptualized as sketches from which the ones that fits better with the brand was selected and discussed to come to a final concept.

The Logo

Different Lockups

Colour combinations

Primary Color palette

Secondary Color palette


The typeface is minimal and modern with Montserrat serving as the primary typeface that goes for all the headings and main points while DM Sans serves as the secondary typeface.

Brand in use

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