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The Works Interiors: Corporate Branding

Brand Identity & Packaging: 2023

The Works Interiors has been operating successfully on the market for more than 20 years. Established by due Devika and Raj Khosla in 1998, they have been offering a full span of exciting interior design experiences, ranging from the smallest bespoke furniture unit to an entire special execution The brand name ‘The Works Interiors’, is inspired from the pop music album ‘The Works’ by a British rock band ‘Queen’. The brand name is often used in its abbreviated form ‘TWI’.


The redesign aims to establish the brand image from the faces of the brand Raj and Devika, aiming at increasing the brands visibility in the market and scale up the project sizes they deal with.

Rebranding puts the name ‘THE WORKS INTERIORS’ in the foreground with ‘THE WORKS’ given a slight emphasis as their abbreviation ‘TWI’ is only familiar only to their existing clients and internal teams.

User Persona

The target Users for The Works Interiors belong between the ages of 27 and 60 who prefer value for money and quality. They have high purchasing capacity but lack time to invest in all the processes involved in interior design.

Positioning Statement

At The Work Interiors, we believe that good design has the power to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This is why we provide luxury and contemporary architectural interior design solutions that are custom curated to suit each customers’ taste.

While designing luxurious , we curate bespoke furniture suiting the space so that it not only serves purpose but leaves a sublime and lasting impression on anyone who steps into the space.

Brand Personality

Competitive Analysis


A mood board was made to graphically represent how the company’s character, core beliefs, and aesthetic preferences would be visualized. It includes illustrations, color schemes, typography, and textures that inspire a sense of quality, adventure, and playfulness.


The Logo

Idea behind the logo

The arches in the logo represents the core values TWI is striving for which is elegance and contemporary style. The concentric arcs convey how TWI resonates these in the beholders minds making them reliable and wholesome.

Different Lockups

Colour combinations

Colour pallete


The primary typeface is Goxac, it is used for the main headings and the secondary typeface is Chubbo Variable, it is used for the body text.

Brand in use

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