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TrueFan: Landing Page

UI/UX Design: 2020-22

TrueFan is India’s biggest celebrity engagement platform. We worked with them to design the complete mobile app, website, and web app. This UI/UX design project has been running successfully for more than a year where we have impacted the lives of more than 1 million users.

The Problem

In a country like India, it is even more difficult to stand out from the crowd of 1.3 billion people just to get their attention. TrueFan wanted to change that and make these A-List celebrities accessible to all by giving the biggest fans a personalized video message and making their dream come true!

The Goal

The main goal of the project was a complete visual overhaul of existing branding and the website. TrueFan wanted to communicate their value proposition with the customers in a more friendly, direct manner which would eventually result in boosted sales and conversion rate.

Woman showing true fan app


We started with discovery where we focus on

  • The current requirements of the products and where it stands in the market.
  • Data collected from customer calls and focus groups which provided us with a better understanding of the users’ needs.
  • Chalking out the ideal customer journey.

Defining Opportunities

Based on the research, we identified 2 major use cases for our product and created user personas based on our primary and secondary research. Our major focus was to ensure

  • Users feeling like they are entering a world like no other, where their favorite celebrities are waiting for them, something they could only dream of!
  • Educating users on the idea of personalized video messages by showcasing sample video messages throughout the website that helped to evoke a sense of trust towards TrueFan simultaneously!
Truefan Website Wireframing Process


The final product we designed was a website with a smooth onboarding that allowed users to provide personal information, play an exciting quiz, and book their video message at a minimal cost!

Truefan sitemap of website
Truefan website color palette and typography details
Truefan responsive website in iphone mockup

Solving For SEO Using UX

To have the website rank better, we added alternative text to images and added keywords in H1 and H2 which would resonate more with the audience. We made sure the balance between the quality and the size of the image was perfect so that it doesn’t hamper the website loading time. We wanted the user journey to be really smooth and since TrueFan was a new product and a concept in the Indian market we added sections explaining how to use the app, video messages from celebrities, and testimonials in the form of fan reactions to evoke trust among the users.

Truefan website screens mockup

Impacting 1Million+ Lives

As-per November 2021, 1 Million+ users have used the mobile app that Confetti designed.

It’s also one of the highest-rated apps in its category and is growing exponentially to take over the Indian entertainment and gifting market.

Success metrics of truefan
Fans surprised and excited from receiving video messages from their favourite celebrities on true fan app
Truefan website on laptop screen mockup.

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