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Unlisted Assets: Landing Page

UI/UX Design: 2022-Current

Unlisted Assets is a leading platform facilitating buying, selling, and exploring unlisted shares in India through a transparent and secure process, leveraging intelligence and technology for a seamless transactional experience.

The Challenge

Unlisted Assets is among the first few platforms that facilitate online trading of unlisted shares, which otherwise is prevalent in offline markets only. The landing page was going to be the first point of contact between a trader and our platform, hence it was imperative that we convince the users to sign up, thereby increasing conversions!

How We Did It

To accomplish all the aforementioned objectives for this project, we devised a design process that would help us be efficient in obtaining a product that would meet our expectations. We were responsible for both strategy and visual aspects for the landing page.

design process

Getting Warmed-Up!

We conducted in-depth research including competitor analysis to understand the industry benchmark for the FinTech industry. It Included the study of platforms such as Robinhood, SBI NRI, and Kraken.

It allowed us to make better decisions regarding the UI (Illustrations, animations, micro-interactions) and the UX (Information-architecture, navigation system, etc.)

competitor analysis
hand holding iphone with unlisted assets website on screen.

The Good Part

The ideation phase included the creation of wireframes. The decisions for information architecture and overall layout were based on our objectives and best practices. It was important for us to establish trust with our customers to convince them to convert and bring their unlisted trade to our platform.

Making It Real

unlisted assets design system
mobile phone mockup

How We Increased Conversions!

Placement of each section on the landing page directly impacts how the user perceives the product. It was hence vitally important to choose our information and place it correctly.

Unlisted Assets website
mobile mockup
Unlisted Assets web screens
Unlisted Assets Screen By Confetti Design Studio

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