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We are a prime force behind the outstanding package design of brands that trust Confetti.

We are a prime force behind the outstanding package design of brands that trust Confetti.

24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed

How It Helps You

Our Packaging Design Company offers you a wide selection of design services tailored for all your business needs.

Build brand recognition

Consistent packaging design helps establishing a brand and making it easily recognizable to consumers.

Attract consumer attention

Packaging design can be used to make a product stand out on a store shelf, increasing the likelihood that a consumer will pick it up and consider purchasing it.

Communicate product benefits

Packaging plays a crucial role in providing information about the product, such as its ingredients, usage instructions and more.

Facilitate product differentiation

A unique and eye-catching packaging design can help a product differentiate itself from competitors, Making it stand out of the shelves.

Support sales and promotions

Packaging design can be used to support sales and promotions, such as by highlighting a discount or special offer.

Facilitate efficient logistics and storage

A well-designed packaging facilitate efficient logistics and storage of the product, helping to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

Our Packaging Design Process


Confetti makes mood boards work harder for brands. The step is given the utmost attention in creative product packaging design to ensure a beautiful look is given before too much time, and money is invested in wrong direction.


Inspiration and references always give us energy to create a packaging designs that fits your imagination. It helps our packaging design agency map out ideas that tend to work excellently for your product.


Our graphic designers are committed to providing premium-quality product packaging designs that never fail to amaze. With years of experience and creativity, they bring new ideas to life.


Don’t worry, our package graphic design company in India won’t force you to accept anything built on the fly. You will be given multiple design options so that eventually you can find the best design for your product.

Featured Packaging Case Studies

Packaging Design for Coasters

Coasters Craft Beer is a Brewery that takes pride in offering its customers with one-of-a kind and memorable drinking experience. They are committed to creating a variety of beers that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences

Packaging Design for Turkish luxury Skincare Brand

Baaris is a high-end luxury skincare brand that makes serums, oils, toners, etc. that are derived from ancient Turkish remedies. We designed packaging that reflect the Turkish identity of the product.

Why Is Confetti Best Fit For Your Goals

We design packages that are more than just looking pretty

Our product packaging design in India adapts to the market, the product, and your brand’s requirements. While creating a design, we have some of the most valuable things at our core focus, which makes us a prime player in the whole industry.

Attract consumer’s attention and influence purchase decision

Our package design company in India provides products complete access to looks and styles regardless of what category they are from and what the terms of packaging are.

Packaging design is not just for consumer goods

Our packaging design company in India provides products with complete access to looks and styles regardless of what category they are from and what the terms of packaging are.

Stay up to date with trends

Our package design never disappoints clients because we keep up with the ongoing trends. However, some of our styles are trend-setters and not followers. So have peace of mind; your product won’t be a replica of anything standard but will be brand new.

Differentiate your product from the basics with top packaging design company

The responsibility of finding the top-rated package design has landed on the right shoulder. At Confetti, the best product package design agency we are putting our creativity, skills, and experience into designing a product that upgrades your brand value when showcased on a shelf at a retail store. Next to functionality, it is only the creative packaging design carved on the product which leave customer keep staring, wanting and purchasing your product for long.

A cohesive brand identity for your product

Brand’s design must be cohesive across logo, packaging design and website to ensure customer recognize your brand, values and purpose from every angle regardless of how they come across to your brand’s identification. For that reason, our creative packaging design team manually performs all essential checks to make sure the quality of design is evenly distributed throughout the corners of the package.

Our Packaging Design Services Include

Food Packaging design

Custom Box design

Medicine Box Design

Tea Packaging Design

Cake Packaging Design

Carton Box Design

Perfume Box Design

Soap Packaging Design

Coffee Bag Design

Honey Packaging Design

Rice Packaging Design

Paper Box Design

IceCream Packaging Design

Toy Packaging Design

Corporate Identity Package

Bottle Packaging Design

Juice Packaging Design

Snack Packaging Design

What Makes Our Packaging Design Company The Right Fit For You?

Handpicked 1% of Talents

Unlike other design firms, we focus on acquiring only the top 1% of talent in the industry. This helps ensure us that we bring the best creative individuals who drive new ideas.

Agile Design Process

Our Packaging design agency experts participate in frequent scrum events to stay agile in order to guarantee the quality and on-time delivery of our packaging services. The solutions are aligned to your business and accelerate time-to-market.

Flexible Engagement

We understand how crucial of a role engagement model plays for businesses. Through our Packaging design services, we offer you a fixed bid approach and a time and materials model for flexible project outsourcing.

100% Confidentiality

Not many Packaging design firms can offer this but while working with our clients we always ensure that all intellectual property and research used for your project is only used for your product.

Our Clients Love Us!



Well, the charge rate for creative packaging design in India  is primarily determined by two factors: the research requirement and the duration of the project. Graphic designer experience also plays a decisive role here. 

If your plan synchronises with execution and our designer, the need of revisions are very rare. Still, our packaging design agency in India provides you with the freedom to ask for many changes until you are fully satisfied.

Satisfaction is the first thing you will get from product packaging design company. But in addition to this, you will receive sample designs to be used on multiple products of different specs and sizes. 

Our package design company believes in giving customers a personalised experience. If you want to infuse your own handpicked image into your product’s packaging, our designers will polish it, refine it, and make it ready for your product.

Our creative packaging design team sometimes takes a whole week or month if the brand is more concerned about its reputation and value to customers.

It is rare that clients dislike any product designed by our packaging design agency; you can keep asking us for changes and upgrades until the finest design comes to light.

When it comes to Creative box package design, no project is small or big for us. It is our duty to look after the small and big requirements of our clients. 

Until all terms are satisfied, trademarks in packaging design will be ours. Upon final checkout, ownership of the creative product packaging design will be transferred. Still, we would love to ask whether you wish to give us some space on your product packaging or not. 

The package design could be meaningless if there was no competition and no lawful restrictions. If you want your product to stand out and get more sales without running you into legal trouble, a carefully designed package must be considered.

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