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We are a prime force behind the outstanding package design of brands that trust Confetti.

We are a prime force behind the outstanding package design of brands that trust Confetti.

24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed

How It Helps You

Our Packaging Design Company offers you a wide selection of design services tailored for all your business needs.

Build brand recognition

Consistent packaging design helps establishing a brand and making it easily recognizable to consumers.

Attract consumer attention

Packaging design can be used to make a product stand out on a store shelf, increasing the likelihood that a consumer will pick it up and consider purchasing it.

Communicate product benefits

Packaging plays a crucial role in providing information about the product, such as its ingredients, usage instructions and more.

Facilitate product differentiation

A unique and eye-catching packaging design can help a product differentiate itself from competitors, Making it stand out of the shelves.

Support sales and promotions

Packaging design can be used to support sales and promotions, such as by highlighting a discount or special offer.

Facilitate efficient logistics and storage

A well-designed packaging facilitate efficient logistics and storage of the product, helping to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

We Build Indian Brands That Actually Sell!


Built a packaging that scaled Miduty internationally!


Built a playful & attractive packaging that scaled Froste internationally!


Packaging design to make
The Chutney Labs more
exciting and memorable!

Packaging design to make The Chutney Labs more exciting and memorable!

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Our Packaging Design Process


Confetti makes mood boards work harder for brands. The step is given the utmost attention in creative product packaging design to ensure a beautiful look is given before too much time, and money is invested in wrong direction.


Inspiration and references always give us energy to create a packaging designs that fits your imagination. It helps our packaging design agency map out ideas that tend to work excellently for your product.


Our graphic designers are committed to providing premium-quality product packaging designs that never fail to amaze. With years of experience and creativity, they bring new ideas to life.


Don’t worry, our package graphic design company in India won’t force you to accept anything built on the fly. You will be given multiple design options so that eventually you can find the best design for your product.

Why Is Confetti Best Fit For Your Goals

We design packages that are more than just looking pretty

Our product packaging design in India adapts to the market, the product, and your brand’s requirements. While creating a design, we have some of the most valuable things at our core focus, which makes us a prime player in the whole industry.

Attract consumer’s attention and influence purchase decision

Our package design company in India provides products complete access to looks and styles regardless of what category they are from and what the terms of packaging are.

Packaging design is not just for consumer goods

Our packaging design company in India provides products with complete access to looks and styles regardless of what category they are from and what the terms of packaging are.

Stay up to date with trends

Our package design never disappoints clients because we keep up with the ongoing trends. However, some of our styles are trend-setters and not followers. So have peace of mind; your product won’t be a replica of anything standard but will be brand new.

Differentiate your product from the basics with top packaging design company

The responsibility of finding the top-rated package design has landed on the right shoulder. At Confetti, the best product package design agency we are putting our creativity, skills, and experience into designing a product that upgrades your brand value when showcased on a shelf at a retail store. Next to functionality, it is only the creative packaging design carved on the product which leave customer keep staring, wanting and purchasing your product for long.

A cohesive brand identity for your product

Brand’s design must be cohesive across logo, packaging design and website to ensure customer recognize your brand, values and purpose from every angle regardless of how they come across to your brand’s identification. For that reason, our creative packaging design team manually performs all essential checks to make sure the quality of design is evenly distributed throughout the corners of the package.

Our Packaging Design Services Include

Food Packaging design

Custom Box design

Medicine Box Design

Tea Packaging Design

Cake Packaging Design

Carton Box Design

Perfume Box Design

Soap Packaging Design

Coffee Bag Design

Honey Packaging Design

Rice Packaging Design

Paper Box Design

IceCream Packaging Design

Toy Packaging Design

Corporate Identity Package

Bottle Packaging Design

Juice Packaging Design

Snack Packaging Design

Package Designing Company - Revolutionising marketspace!

The market products rely on the seller’s quality and how the crowd perceives them. Package designing is indeed one of the reasons why a company experiences a rise or downfall in its market. The Indian market is no exception when it comes to package designs. People in India love to see product packaging designs that are unique, relatable, and one-of-a-kind.
It is a crucial aspect of branding and marketing and influences the client’s purchasing decision. It is a fundamental part of modern marketing, and knowing about package designing is vital if you wish to thrive in the competitive market.

Packaging Design - The current scenario!

Witty packaging, sustainability, personalization, and simplicity are the recent trends in the product packaging design market. Although the market is ever-evolving, it never stops to surprise. With the growing reliability and use of technology and modern machinery, the need for packages is dynamic.
The packaging design in India goes far beyond protecting the product from the inside. It signifies and is an insight into the world of the producer. In India, every package tells a story. It works as a bridge between the sellers and the customers elegantly. The product packaging design industry in India is thriving!

Packaging design and business success - The relation!

The thought of creating a unique and business-centred package designing starts small as a brand representation. It adds to product differentiation and lets it stand out in the crowd. Packaging engages with the clients deeply and establishes a better connection. Packaging design in India also conveys information and nudges consumers to make informed decisions. An effective package rewards a business with a lot of many things.
It adds weight to the product and boosts customer loyalty. Product packaging design increases sales by being more alluring to the people. A well-designed product package offers a competitive advantage in the market. If planned well, it can also help save a lot of money. Packaging design company in India also add that a good package helps marketing and repeat business

Package designing and branding!

The product package plays a variety of roles in business success, and one of them is branding. Product packaging design has the power to impact the representation of the brand in the market.
  • Packaging is the brand’s visual identity. It links it with a specific logo, colour palette, typography, and more.
  • If the package designing is unique, clients remember and recognise it among the other products.
  • If a brand package tells a story or extends the values it fosters, the brand creates an emotional connection.
  • A worthy packaging design company in India helps you have a trendy package design that speaks for itself.
  • The package also relates to the quality and value of the product and influences customer decisions on the buy.

Packaging industry - The trends!

The best packaging design company in India helps a brand strive for the ups and downs of the changing world. The following are the must-know trends that help you design your product package efficiently:
  • Sustainable packaging: This product packaging design is the first choice by businesses. As people are conscious of the environment, it becomes a top pick!
  • Smart packaging: It is a design that offers additional details to the clients. Packaging design company in India use it to extend details about nutrition, place of origin, etc.
  • Personalization: Customization is not just for the brand but also the clients. It helps them feel more connected. Every packaging design company does it to ensure product individuality!
  • 3-D print packaging: With changing trends, 3-D printers have opened up a new way of product upkeeping. It is trendy and innovative and often has complex shapes.
  • Interactive packaging: Package designing using AR and VR gives clients a more immersive experience. With it, the customers get to know the product better and interact for use and more.

Package designing - Adapting the change!

The package designing industry is dynamic. Adapting requires knowledge, flexibility, innovation, and strategy. It helps you navigate the crisis and come out elegantly and successfully. Changing with the times and trends is vital. A reliable packaging design company in Indiakeeps you ahead in the competitive market. It requires monitoring the trends and knowing your customers. Going for recyclable and reusable packing adds to the advantage. Using product packaging design with QR for AR experiences and other technology or customizing products helps you stay in recent times.
Packing design must also be efficient and cost-effective. Pick any package designing, but ensure it is durable, light, shipping-friendly, easy to open, and more. Talk to the experts for a tamper-proof design and ensure it falls within the guidelines. Package designing cannot change frequently. Therefore, have a competitive analysis beforehand. Take client feedback and get to know what your customers desire. Stay flexible and agile and develop a long-term strategy with an expert packaging design company in India for the best!

Package design company - The factors to consider!

Getting the best firm in hand can be overwhelming. Look around their features, and you will get the finest. The market is full of options, and the following are the never-to-miss traits of a packaging design company:
  • Expertise: A proficient service always aids in having a better design prototype. It knows the needs and wants of the market. It functions accordingly to get you the best!
  • Market reputation: Check the market for the packaging design company and learn what it says about it. Pick the one that is well-known, reputed, and praised in the market.
  • Budget-friendly: Never drain your pocket to have the best design company in India. The finest come within budget and offer you all to delight your whims and fancies.
  • Crew: Pick a firm that handpicks its team to serve you. It must come with knowledge and dedication. The Package designing team is an insight into the service you will get as a client.
  • Understanding: Listening to your needs is as vital as absorbing your needs. Look for a firm that caters for comprehending and offering product packaging design insights.
  • Trends: A firm that goes along the time is vital. Pick a service provider that never disappoints you in technology. Choose a modern and trendy firm that helps you walk with time.
  • Punctual: Pick a packaging design partner who values money and never delays your deadlines. This way, your work will never be hampered. It also ensures the company is capable of timeliness.
  • Versatility Variety in design and ideas is very essential. Package designing teams with innovative ideas always win the market. The firm must offer design services in every field.
  • Reference: Pick a firm that never hesitates to give you a contact of a package designing client for insights. You can also pick a firm that comes from reference for the best.
  • Licensing: Discuss the authority rights before sealing the deal. Go for a packaging design company in India that transfers the rights of the trademark of the package design to you.
  • Access: The company must be accessible and within your reach. Go for a package designing firm option that allows you to meet and talk without having to tire yourself on the move.
  • Adaptable: A firm that changes with time is the best. A package designing company must always be flexible and open to the best in the market and the client feedback.
  • Support:The client support for a firm must be available 24/7 during and after the package designing process is completed. It makes them reliable and adds to their trustworthiness.

The best package design!

Every firm is different and must have a unique design to portray their firm in the market. The best package designing is not a complex code if you know the attributes of the best for your company.
  • Your package must be catchy to the customer’s eyes and appealing at first sight. The finest package designing must stand different in the shelf of the marketplace.
  • It must contain all the essential information about your firm, the product, nutrition, and others. The package designing of the product must always enhance your client experience.
  • It must exhibit your values and feel homely. It should reinforce your brand identity. The package designing colour palette, features, logo, typography, etc., must relate to your brand.
  • Whatever you decide for in the design must always form an impression on the clients. Going for a product packaging design that customises client needs helps in the finest ways.
  • Never keep your brand away from the trends of the market. Use the latest design implementations, AR and VR, QR codes, and more. It lets you stay in the competitive market as a powerful rival.
  • A package designing idea that narrates a story enchants and resonates better with the target audience. It also helps the customers to know more in-depth about the values of the products.
  • A package designing that is practical and transit-protected is always preferred. Clients also go for easy-to-open yet alluring boxes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly in design.
Creative elements in the package designing must serve a purpose. It must exhibit the brand’s identity or values. The images and other aspects must always be in tune. Go for designs that are user-centric and easy to open. An innovative package designing must always fall within your budget. Refining your sketches by iteration, testing, and feedback from people with creative and practical perspectives on product packaging design isthe best. Even with a large market base, the right balance helps you strive among all.
Blending culture in package designs requires a nuanced approach. Firms known for packaging design in India are the best for the work. It helps to connect with the customers on a cultural and emotional level. It also develops a stronger bond between the client and the brand. The following product packaging design techniques can help in the perfect blend:

Cultural blends in packaging design

Blending culture in package designs requires a nuanced approach. Firms known for packaging design in India are the best for the work. It helps to connect with the customers on a cultural and emotional level. It also develops a stronger bond between the client and the brand. The following product packaging design techniques can help in the perfect blend:
  • ColoursTraditional Indian colours like saffron, dark red, green, orange, etc., add a base to your product. It helps the client connect with the package designing and consider it the best. Indian colours are mostly bright and attractive.
  • Symbols: Incorporating cultural symbols like lotus flower, Om, swastika, etc., is also an excellent way to add the splash. Packaging design company often use it to communicate with clients. It aids in seeking or evoking a cultural resonance.
  • Typography: An effective strategy to reflect the Indian diversity in packaging design in India is using different typography. Go for fonts with Indian aesthetics or Devanagari, Bengali, Tamil, etc., to target a specific audience for the finest response.
  • Artworks: Illustrations can also depict and attract an audience. Package designing with Indian landmarks and art forms like Warli, mandala, etc., can intrigue a client. It can inspire a client to look through what bond the product has to offer.
  • Stories Packaging design in India can be the best canvas for telling a story that holds cultural significance. Folklore, or the product’s connection with the Indian region, can also be a great package designing notion to build a client funnel.
  • Textiles: Carving or printing patterns and textures of textiles like silk, brocade, etc., that come from the Indian soil is also a way. Package designing with fabric-like designs are also relatable, appealing, and unique for clients.
  • Occasions: Changing your package during festive seasons is an excellent way of client acquisition. Packaging design in India with messages aligning with greetings in the local dialect or wishes for Diwali, Holi, etc., can have cultural significance.
  • Custom:Not all packages can come simple. Embossing or folding for a raw Indian-inspired touch in the package designing is a never to miss. These customisation and techniques add to the values and give a proud feel to the client of their roots.

Packaging design - Challenges and Solutions!

No industry is free of challenges. The packaging industry, too, has its struggles. But it also encompasses ways to get out of it. The packaging design in India strives high despite all of it to aid firms in marketing! can be the best approach.
To meet sustainable goals while maintaining the aesthetics!
Maintaining a balance between sustainability and cultural aspects for package designing is not a challenge if you use eco-friendly materials. India is full of treasure for recyclability and goods that are sturdy and sustainable. Look into the market, and you will find the best!
Package designing, keeping in mind the regulatory framework!
Navigating through the complex and ever-changing rules can be overwhelming. Keep in touch with local and international regulations and keep progressing accordingly. Reach out to packaging design company that have expertise for a seamless experience.
The art of not over-spending in the finest designs of your choice!
The best design does not always come with a heavy bill. Pick a firm for packaging design in India that optimizes the design for cost and uses available and cost-effective materials. It also ensure you are bind to the roots of Indian raw goods that help in shaping the product.
Package designing that is both user-friendly and practical!
Clients have all kinds of aspirations. Sufficing the needs of everyone can be impossible and, at times, impractical. Conductiing tests, gathering feedbacks, and iterating them for the best package designing is the smoothest way of getting the best design in hand.
Protecting the goods while they ship and move for delivery!
Creating a sturdy, innovative, and attractive design can be a challenge. But, a package designingthat is counterfeiting and tampering proof can be seamless. Implement QR codes, hologram features, and tamper-evident seals
The art of not over-spending in the finest designs of your choice!
The best design does not always come with a heavy bill. Pick a firm for packaging design in India that optimizes the design for cost and uses available and cost-effective materials. It also ensure you are bind to the roots of Indian raw goods that help in shaping the product.

Future of India and packaging design industry!

The future of packaging design in India is up for significant changes and opportunities. The package designing industry has factors such as e-commerce growth, sustainability concerns, and digitalization that can affect the market. Even with a lot to change and repair, a rapid elevation in package designing will come ahead!
It calls for small and protective packaging that is appealing. With an emphasis in safe movements, the package must be easy to open, have seals, be efficient in space usage, etc. – the package designing must be an all-rounder. It must have the best designs that protect and prevent shipping damage. It must also be sturdy enough to block and absorb shock if it contains anything fragile.
Pick a packaging design company that transforms with the time and picks up pace to provide all as the market inclines towards e-commerce!
Sustainability and Eco-friendliness!
Every being is becoming conscious over time about the environment. The package designing, too, has an effect from the increasing awareness and regulations and a push for sustainable solutions. To sustain smoothly, look for packing materials that are biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Pick a packaging design company that focuses on reducing waste and carbon footprints. Look for the firms and get to know the best firms working towards it.
With every step you take towards it in your package designing, you give your customers a feel that they play a part in sustainability. It keeps them close to you and helps you with sales, retention, and widening your funnel!
Many packaging design company incorporate digital elements into the packaging while maintaining their budget. It lets the clients feel a part of the trend and motivates the firm to enhance client engagement. Package designing includes adding QR codes, NFC tags, AR, VR, and more. It caters for product information, extends authenticity, and offers an interactive experience to make the clients feel a part of the brand. Packaging design company also customize it as per the needs and wants of the company to ensure one-of-a-kind experiences.
Digitalization and smart packaging are applaudable and leverage experience like no other. This package designing caters to ensure automation and resonates with the target audience in the best way possible!

Tools and devices

It also elevates the chance of creating a more alluring and life-like design. With the industry evolving in tools, the best form for packaging design in India will adopt it to extend the best!
Gone are the days of efforts when the packaging design company functioned with hands to create the best designs. With changing times, automation and tools are widely in use. It encompasses using software and more to create 2D or 3D package designing. Further, these prints are finalized and sent for printing. It also uses automated devices and systems with humans behind the controller. The use of machines offers an advantage over handmade packaging design in India. Its use lends accuracy and precision in everything they do.
The package designing world is open to anyone who wishes to learn it. With ample space to grow and learn, it encompasses the best future for a business. Package designing is a means to connect with clients and get to know them better. It is what ensures seamless sales and helps the business grow. It is equivalent to an investment. With various client segments in India, package designing also holds multiple aspects. Dive into the secrets of the world of package design and create a base for your firm to strive in the competitive Indian market!

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