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Celesti: Skincare E-Commerce Website

UI/UX : 2023

Celesti Skin is a conscious and mindful skincare brand which offers methods and products to build a high-performance and transformative skincare ritual to elevate your skin’s health by setting simple intentions for your skin rituals. We worked on their website for a complete revamp to achieve the aesthetics our clients desired making sure their revenue increases over time by implementing our tried and tested methods.


As a new beauty brand in the market, their website was not up to mark, and they faced trouble in getting conversions. They decided to get Confetti Design on board to revamp their website and make it more conversion rate optimized. The existing website was not effectively communicating their unique value proposition and was failing to differentiate their brand from competitors. As a result, they were struggling to generate conversions and establish a strong online presence. The objective was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition, highlight their brand as better than competitors, and help them establish a strong online presence in the market.


To address the problems faced by the beauty brand and improve their online presence, the solution was to create a well-optimized website that would increase their conversions and improve the overall aesthetics of the website. This was achieved through the use of a unanimous and put-together design language that would effectively communicate the values and personality of the brand. The website was optimized for conversion by simplifying the language used and emphasizing the value proposition.

App Audit

Insights from Audit

Competitive Analysis

Synthesizing the data

Information Architecture & User Flow

We created an Information Architecture and the user flow of the app to organize its content in a way that makes sense to users and to be on the same page when interacting between teams and stakeholders.

We started by researching how users used these competitor apps to identify common patterns users have when using them to get an overall understanding of the common user flow.

Wireframes & Iterations

Wireframes and iterations are crucial tools in the web design and development process as they help establish the overall structure and layout of a website while also allowing for continuous improvement through repeated modifications. Wireframes provide a basic outline of a website’s content and functionality while iterations ensure that the website meets the needs and expectations of its target audience and is optimized for conversion.

Design System

The design system of Celesti is centered around the themes of trust, calmness, relaxation, and luxury. The aim of the design system is to create a visual experience that embodies these themes and effectively communicates them to the user. This is achieved through the use of color palettes, typography, imagery, and other design elements that evoke a sense of trust, calmness, relaxation, and luxury. The design system is not only visually appealing, but it also creates an environment of comfort and ease for the user, further emphasizing the themes of trust, calmness, relaxation, and luxury. The ultimate goal of the design system is to create a memorable and enjoyable user experience that reinforces the values of Celesti and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Final Design

Handoff and Q/A

Once the project was completed, all the designs was transferred to the next phase of the development cycle, which was handled by our development team.

To ensure the final product meets our standards, we will remain in close collaboration with the developers throughout the process. Our aim is to maintain the high quality of the product and ensure it is in line with our expectations through regular calls with developers and conducting through quality analysis.

Where we are/Next Steps in the project

The designs for the website has been wrapped up and is currently under development.

Once the redesigned website is live, we will be revisiting the stats to understand how the redesign performed which will help us in understanding the iterations that needs to be done in the future to create the best version of the product.

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