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Coasters: Website

UI/UX : 2023

Coasters is a trailblazing brand with a vision to introduce a revolutionary craft beer experience that empowers young, energetic individuals aged 21-35 to embrace a vibrant and playful lifestyle. The brand aims to provide an innovative range of alcoholic beverages that bring joy and excitement to gatherings with friends. Their mission is to create a website that embodies the brand’s youthful spirit and showcases its fun and adventurous approach.


Coasters faced a challenge in effectively reaching and engaging its target audience of young, energetic individuals aged 21-35. With a desire to convey a sense of playfulness and excitement through its website, the brand struggled to capture the attention and interest of its intended customers.


To address the challenge the complete website design was undertaken by confetti, focusing on a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The design incorporated vibrant colors, engaging imagery, and playful graphics to convey the brand’s energetic spirit.


Competitive Analysis

By analyzing the competition in the market, we gained valuable insights into the industry and the design styles used by other companies to appeal to their customers. This deeper understanding allowed us to visualize how our website should appeal to our target audience. Our study encompassed not only other website designs in the same industry but also examined websites of various alcohol brands.
Through this comprehensive analysis, we were able to identify design trends, user interface elements, and visual aesthetics that resonated well with customers in the alcohol industry. We assessed factors such as color schemes, typography choices, layout structures, and navigation patterns employed by successful websites in the market.

Insights From Analysis

Wireframes & Iterations

To create an optimal website experience, Coasters utilized wireframes and iterative design processes. Feedback was collected and incorporated for continual improvements. Wireframes provided visual representations of the website’s layout, allowing for a clear understanding. Iterative design enabled ongoing refinements aligned with Coasters’ playful and vibrant brand identity. This collaborative approach resulted in a final product that effectively conveyed the brand’s objectives, resonated with the target audience, and provided a seamless user experience.

Design System

Final Design

Handoff and Q/A

After completing the design phase, the designs were handed over to the development team for implementation. To maintain the high standards and expectations set during the design phase, we will stay closely involved throughout the development process. Our team will conduct regular calls with the developers to ensure the final product aligns with our vision and goals.

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