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Froste: Branding & Packaging

Scope of project: 2023

Welcome to the magical world of Frosté, where dreams and reality intertwine to deliver an extraordinary ice cream experience. Frosté believes in the potential of distinct flavors and creative concoctions that transport taste buds to celestial realms. The brand’s name itself demonstrates a dedication to uniqueness and wonder, as Frosté takes pride in presenting enchanting ice cream delights unlike any others.

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Positioning Statement

Embark on a journey into the magical realm of Frosté, where dreams seamlessly blend with reality, crafting an extraordinary ice cream experience beyond imagination. In the enchanting world of Frosté, we passionately believe in the limitless potential of distinctive flavors and creative concoctions, transporting taste buds to celestial realms of delight.

Our name, Frosté, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to uniqueness and wonder, proudly presenting enchanting ice cream delights unlike any others.

Brand Personality

Brand archetype: The Magician

The Magician archetype in branding is associated with transformation, innovation, and the ability to turn dreams into reality. Magician brands often convey a sense of enchantment, wonder, and a touch of the extraordinary. These brands are seen as powerful and capable of creating something special, almost magical, for their customers.

For Frosté, the use of the Magician archetype is evident in the description. The brand emphasizes the magical world it creates, the belief in distinct flavors and creative concoctions, and the dedication to uniqueness and wonder. The elegant serif wordmark with star-adorned letters further reinforces the magical and enchanting qualities associated with the Magician archetype.

Brand look and feel :

Immersing customers in a captivating world of enchantment, Frosté, the luxury ice cream brand, embodies the Magician archetype with a sophisticated and innovative brand look and feel. The color palette, featuring deep royal blues and rich purples with accents of gold or silver, exudes a sense of mystery and luxury. The imagery, adorned with stars, sparkles, and swirls, transports customers into a magical experience, while high-quality visuals showcase the exquisite details of the ice cream, evoking joy and indulgence.

The serif font of the wordmark, reminiscent of a magician’s script, adds an elegant touch, and packaging design incorporates luxurious patterns and celestial motifs. In-store experiences are designed to be immersive, with subtle lighting and thematic decorations, and the digital presence mirrors the magical ambiance with captivating visuals and interactive content. Frosté’s marketing messages focus on the transformative and extraordinary qualities of their ice cream, emphasizing creativity, unique flavors, and the sheer delight of savoring a magical treat. Through these carefully curated elements, Frosté delivers an enchanting brand experience that resonates with the wonder and sophistication associated with the Magician archetype in the realm of luxury ice cream.

Brand Values


Frosté’s moodboard is a visual masterpiece, embodying a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that resonates with the brand’s unique concept. Typography choices convey sophistication and opulence, resembling the script of a magician’s enchanting incantations.

The deep cool tones of navy and turquoise evoke a mysterious allure, akin to the captivating night sky, while light grey and gold accents introduce a clean, regal touch, elevating the palette to one of true luxury. A delicate hint of pink adds whimsy and playfulness, symbolizing the joy of indulging in an extraordinary ice cream experience.

The Logo

Idea behind the logo

The Frosté logo encapsulates the brand’s enchanting and luxurious identity with a carefully crafted design. Elegant serif typography, reminiscent of a magician’s script, conveys sophistication and mystique, while star-adorned letters metaphorically represent the delightful experience and flavors the brand offers. Inspired by the galaxy, subtle spirals and swirls add movement and symbolize the creative and unique ice cream offerings.

The color palette, featuring deep cool tones of navy and turquoise, along with light grey and gold accents, reinforces the brand’s premium positioning, conveying a sense of mystery and regality. The overall aesthetic is clean, sophisticated, and memorable, inviting customers to explore the magical world of Frosté—a place where dreams and reality intertwine, and the transformative qualities of extraordinary ice cream creations come to life.


Brand in use

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