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Miho: E-Commerce Website

UI/UX : 2023

Miho is a kids’ clothing brand dedicated to manufacturing kids’ organic wear that feels soft, is thoughtfully designed for comfort, and is certified with no harmful chemicals involved in the process. They make your toddlers and kids look as well as feel amazing with timeless clothing. They create this magic with material that is locally sourced, ethically produced, and is sustainable.


The brand “Miho” is on a mission to solve the issue of fast fashion and the harm which is caused to the environment by the use of synthetic materials used in the clothing industry. Fast fashion has a very negative impact on the environment with the production and disposal of synthetic particles and it’s waste.


Miho is aiming to solve this problem by sourcing recycled and recyclable fibers and treating it with herbals derived from Ayurveda. To minimize the the waste and to promote sustainability, the skilled artisans handcraft the fibers into garments.

We are on a mission to create environmental friendly and sustainable kids’ wear, which helps in reducing the impact on the environment and promotes wellness through natural materials

Competitive Analysis

We conducted a thorough analysis of our competitors to gain a better understanding of the market and the offerings they are providing to their target audience. This information helps us stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions.

Insights from Analysis


With the objective of enhancing the user experience, we carefully organized the information within the app to guarantee ease of use. Our primary aim was to make it effortless for users to locate the information they require. By emphasizing the arrangement and presentation of information, we aimed to create a seamless and user-friendly experience that allows users to smoothly navigate the app and access the necessary information with ease.

Information Architecture

Wireframes & Iterations

We designed the wireframes for the application to deliver an efficient and effortless navigation experience for users, Our aim was to create a solution that would allow users to smoothly move through the app, making it easy to access the information they require and complete tasks with ease. By focusing on the design of the wireframes, we sought to create a seamless user experience that would simplify the process of using the app and enhance the overall experience.

Design and Deliver

Design System

Our style guide defines the design elements that determine the look and feel of our product and brand. It includes details on color choices, typefaces, and other visual components that have been created for our customers. The guide promotes consistency in the user interface, helping to establish a strong brand identity that is critical in building customer loyalty and trust.

Final Design

After thorough research, we arrived at the final design for the app. The aim was to create an attractive interface that would improve the user experience and make navigation simple. The design incorporates feedback gathered during research to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly app that meets the needs of our customers. Our aim is to deliver an app that effectively serves its purpose and provides a hassle free experience.

Next Steps

The website has been developed. The brand aims to provide sustainable kid’s clothing made from natural fibers, which is 100% recyclable. The website can be viewed at:

Client Review

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