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TrueFan: Mobile App Design

UI/UX Design: 2020-22

TrueFan is India’s biggest celebrity engagement platform. We worked with them to design the complete mobile app, website, and web app. This UI/UX design project has been running successfully for more than a year where we have impacted the lives of more than 1 million users.

The Challenge

We all have our favorite celebrities who we want to meet. And in a country like India, it is even more difficult to stand out from the crowd of 1.3 billion people just to get their attention. So far people try to get the attention of their favorite celebrities using social media but are limited by the 1-way interaction.

TrueFan wanted to change that and make these A-List celebrities accessible to all by giving the biggest fans a personalized video message and making their dream come true!

But, democratizing these A-List celebrities is difficult as the demand outweighs the supply (everyone wants to get closer to that one celeb!). Additionally, since it is a new concept it becomes more important to understand the audience and for them to be educated about the product.

TrueFan Challenge UIUX Design By Confetti Design Studio


We conducted interviews with the users to understand their psychology regarding a product like ‘personalized video messages’ from A-List celebs.

This was followed by several focus groups conducted in New Delhi and Gurgaon where real users tested several prototypes of our product and gave us feedback regarding the user flow and information architecture.

This allowed us to redesign the onboarding flow and make the product more intuitive and desirable for the young Indian audience

User Testing For TrueFan By Confetti Design Studio


Based on the research, we identified 2 major use cases for our product (sharing on social media to boast, or as a gift for someone). We then created user personas based on our primary and secondary research.

This was followed by re-building our user flows and wireframes to accommodate the needs of these personas.

Our major focus is to ensure that the user feels like they are entering a world like no other, where their favorite celebrities are waiting for them, something they could only dream of! This was accomplished by spending most of our resources fine-tuning the onboarding process so that the users can book their personalized video messages within the first 2 minutes of downloading the app!

Additionally, personalized video messages are a concept that is still new to the audience we aimed to educate the user about the idea by showcasing sample video messages throughout the app that helped us to evoke a sense of trust towards TrueFan!

User-Flow For TrueFan UI/UX Design By Confetti Design Studio


The final product we designed is a mobile application with a smooth onboarding that allowed users to provide personal information, play an exciting quiz, and book their video message at a minimal cost!

The dark mode mobile application is accompanied by a purple and pink accent which makes the UI stand out. We also used 3D illustrations and visuals based on the latest design trends.

The app is also full of TrueFan exclusive content (video messages and images) by the biggest celebrities in India which gives fans an experience that they would not get on social media or any OTT platform.

UI Design Mockup For TrueFan: UI/UX Design by Confetti Design Studio
TrueFan Final designs

Happy Users

As-per November 2021, 1 Million+ users have used the mobile app which Confetti designed.

It’s also one of the highest-rated apps in its category and is growing exponentially to take over the Indian entertainment and gifting market.

Currently, we are working to revamp and update the app from a UI + UX context on a weekly basis to make it easier for every Bollywood fan to make their dream come true!

TrueFan Users - Confetti Design Studio
User Experience For Happy Customers TrueFan UIUX Design By Confetti Design Studio

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