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10 Best Practices for Mobile App Onboarding and User Engagement

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Welcoming people on your mobile app? Worried about successful mobile app onboarding? Yes, it is crucial to get onboarding right, as it affects the user experience and the engagement thereon. Here are some ways using which you can ensure successful first interactions on your app.

Make simplicity the hallmark

The first best practice will be to keep your mobile app as simple and straightforward as possible. Studies have revealed that users decide whether to continue using the app or uninstalling it by first judging the simplicity. Giving too much information or including too many elements on the mobile app will most probably confuse the users and trigger them to delete the app.

So, if you want to improve the user engagement of your app, keep the onboarding and entire navigation short, simple, and easy to follow.

Convey the app’s usability

There are uncountable apps available for each individual nowadays. So, you have to do something out of the box to pull people toward your mobile app. The best tip here will be to give users some informative and useful context about how your app will benefit them. Correlate the app’s key features to the needs of the users; this approach will increase engagement for your app.

If you are unsure of how to be good at this, seek help from a competent ui ux studio that knows how to persuade people to use your app.

Use interactive visuals

Visuals are tremendously powerful in communicating information quickly and effectively. A mere glance at an image can sometimes be enough to explain everything. People also prefer seeing images and videos instead of going through long texts to understand anything. Try to use compelling pictures and motion videos to demonstrate your app’s features and how to use them.

Such usage of attractive graphics and visuals will make the mobile app users stay engaged with your app for a longer time.

Pay attention to microinteractions

Texts and graphics are not the only ways to make users stay engaged with your business app; even microinteractions can do wonders for you. These are small animations or interactions within the app that can add more delight to the UX or user experience. Microinteractions are usually used to guide users through the onboarding process and show them how to use your app.

This might seem to be something little for your app but holds immense potential to leverage the overall engagement and especially the initial user interactions.

Personalize the experience

Personalization is one of the best practices you must keep following at every step of operating or marketing your business. Be it while designing the product or distributing it, you have to do everything keeping in mind the target audience. After all, the customer is the king. So, when it comes to mobile app onboarding or improving engagement, personalizing all possible things will be your best move.

Get the mobile app designed and custom-made by an experienced ui ux studio to engage users and keep them coming back to your app.

Try to include incentives

Everybody loves incentives and so will your mobile app users. Incentives in interesting ways can motivate users to engage with your app better. You can think of a myriad of options like loyalty points or rewards for completing the onboarding procedure. Introduce a system where users can unlock new features by redeeming earned points. First or regular users are also sometimes given freebies or other reasonable rewards.

Such an approach of incentives will encourage users to keep using your app repeatedly to explore its functionality.

Welcome with a tutorial

What if people stop using your app just because they could not understand how to proceed? It will indeed be a total waste of your effort, money, and skills put into designing a great mobile app. So, you can welcome your potential users with a comprehensive yet short tutorial. Use graphics or other interactive ways to show a step-by-step guide about how to use your app’s features.

If made with careful thought and attractive steps, tutorials can turn out to be great ways to improve further engagement on your mobile app.

Include push notifications

Many app owners prefer using push notifications to engage users and keep them coming back to their apps. These notifications are often used as reminders that tell the app’s features, upcoming incentives for completing tasks, and other alerts to all users. New features can also be conveyed of by using these notifications. However, you do not want to go overboard with this medium; do not keep spamming the users.

You will have to use this tip carefully without overdoing anything as excessive notifications can annoy the users. Take help from an experienced ui ux studio to know the balance here.

Test and iterate

It is imperative that you test your mobile app before making it available to the audience at large. Testing the app with a smaller group of real users will let you know how your app will perform. If needed, you can notice the room for improvement and iterate your onboarding process to ensure its effectiveness and engagement. Use analytics to track user behavior and identify areas for changes.

Make changes wherever possible and required. You can continue to test and iterate so that you can actualize a successful user experience.

Collect feedback

Lastly, you must monitor feedback regularly even after the initial testing and final launching. You cannot stop with the iterations once the app is fully functional and available to use for the entire target audience. Maintaining a website is an everlasting process and, you must note each feedback left by users even after several years of your app’s existence in the market. The more you will attend to user feedback, the more will be the engagement.

A bonus tip and the best practice is that you hire services for designing a mobile app from a promising ui ux studio because of their in-field expertise.

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