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Built a packaging that scaled Miduty Internationally!


Increased customer’s purchase Intent for RIVO


Packaging design to make Baaris more captivating & memorable!

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We Measure Packaging Performance

We’re the only agency in UK that can measure packaging performance. This means you can guarantee high sales when you work with us!

Optimised for online & offline retail

Our expert team specializes in crafting packaging designs that are meticulously optimized for both online and offline retail environments, ensuring maximum visibility, functionality, and customer satisfaction across all sales channels.

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When creativity meets science

Our approach to packaging design brings the perfect blend of science ,data analytics and creativity. This combination has brought our clients massive sucess on the shelves, and has made us a leader in this area!

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Branding And Packaging

Welcome to Confetti, a premium digital branding company in UK taking care of your designing, branding, and packaging needs in the most comprehensive, creative, and compassionate manner.
Be it about designing a logo, customizing a product visually, or improving the overall packaging, our holistic and competent services will take your brand to the next level. Here is how we can help you embrace the power of packaging design and branding for a lasting impact on your audience.

Confetti As A Tactical Branding Agency

We offer brand identity design services in UK where innovation meets results. We employ only experts having ample experience in strengthening your online and offline presence while driving business growth with resonated packaging. Ping us for customised solutions to meet your unique goals and connect you with your target audience effectively with branding.

Prioritizing data-driven approach

Our branding services are backed by data-driven insights and analytics, ensuring an outcome that buyers will love visually and functionally. By analyzing user needs and aesthetic appeal, we tailor strategies that precisely target your audience, encouraging them to choose your product even among the crowded shelves.

Ensuring storytelling that sells

Our existing clients admire us as a branding company in UK is that we acknowledge the fact that compelling content is crucial for branding across multiple channels. Our skilled content creators craft captivating stories for online and offline branding, sparking engagement and brand loyalty.

Confetti As A Mindful Packaging Design Agency

Packaging design is the soul of any product and logo. Thus, we work with every drop of effort to bring your ideas to life through creative yet user-centric designs. Designers at Confetti do not just focus on aesthetical appeal but also on other parameters like the packaging being functional, intuitive, and optimized for superior performance.

Custom design solutions

One size does not fit all; this applies to designs as well as unique designs imply brand identity. Our understanding of this notion is what makes us the best Packaging Design Company in UK. So, whether it is for an e-commerce platform or a simple offline product display, our developers will craft tailored and compatible designs for the best fit.

Responsive design strategies

Children have an eye for vibrant designs, whereas today’s youth go gaga over minimalist designs. Thus, whenever we design anything, we ensure to keep in buyer’s taste in mind. With a user-friendly and adaptive design, your product can reach a broader audience and keep viewers engaged, maximizing conversions and user satisfaction.

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