Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% startups
Successful startups are very rare!
Check if your brand is one of these Top 1% of startups

We Help Brands In UK Grow Through Iconic Branding & Websites

Revolutionize the user experience and behavioural science with Confetti, your best branding agency in the UK. Combine design and technology to get unparalleled outcomes.
24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed
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of all startups fail

*Most of these belong to the consumer
facing (B2C & D2C ) segment

Supporting Startups in UK on the Road to Success

Supporting Startups in UK on the Road to Success

We are one of the designers having extensive experience in working with companies to achieve their goals and develop the strategy that can align with the targeted audience. In UK our team is been setting new milestones to serve people better every day.

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24 Hour Response guaranteed

Featured Work In UK

At Confetti in UK, we have been empowering the enterprise to read about the client’s psychology and come up with unique ideas to provide actionable insights.

Smart Watch app


Bumble is a platform for connection – And for many it takes longer than usual to find the right connection. We, as a smart watch design agency wanted to make it quick and hassle-free through Bumble Zones, which are accessed via a smart watch based app.

“The designs were sleek and user-friendly, making it easy for users to connect with potential matches on the go.”

-James Smith (CEO @ Bumble)



Strapp is a European gaming company that develops and releases mobile-based games for people aged 24-35.

We helped Strapp design their visual identity to help them represent the values that they stand for.

“Working with Confetti was a wonderful experience in itself. Confetti never failed to impress me and my team.”

-Jason (Strapp)

Mobile app Design


Chipn is a FinTech startup that automatically saves and invests your money every time you make an expenditure. It exposes young adults to investing and educates them about their spending habits.

The scope of the project was to revamp Chipn’s beta application for UI/UX and get it ready for consumers in January 2022.

“The complete roadmap was executed with excellent quality… followed smooth workflow and was very professional throughout.”

-Tanmay Jain (CEO @ Chipn)

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24 Hour Response guaranteed
UI/UX Design & Branding Agency

We are a Global Creative Agency Catering to Your Business Needs

We are a creative, international agency that combines commercial acumen with design know-how to improve the way you run your company more intelligently.
Our professionals closely meet your needs by assisting you in better understanding your corporate objectives.

Today, every businessperson needs to make plans for some creative ways to improve their traditional methods of doing business, including employing the top UI/UX design company in London, UK. This would assist them in developing a solid technical foundation and give their clients a more enhanced digital experience. Our results are targeted and will enable you to assume the greatest position and rank so that your clients can always depend on you. With our help, give your company the best possible push.

Confetti’s Unwavering Focus on Quality Will Simplify, Strengthen, and Transform Business

Our work has frequently been praised for serving millions of mobile application projects, brand designing, and other tasks. With us, it’s time for you to put greater emphasis on quality. Every project we work on is centered on the requirements of our clients, and by providing them with superior designs, we closely achieve their business objectives. We have a lot of faith in our ability to use designs to address business difficulties and deliver results that stand out and pay off.

We provide you with excellence in leaps and bounds because of our high technical standards and output capability of branding services in UK. We make no compromises to get you outcomes because of our ingrained support and meticulous attention to detail. It’s time for you to make a change and start viewing things through the eyes of your customers. Today’s market is very consumer-focused, and Confetti can help you better grasp it. So, utilize industry knowledge and Confetti’s quality to plan your steps more logically. Confetti can help your brand get the boost it needs.

UI/UX Design Brilliance

Our user interface development and UI&UX design provide a digitally enhanced experience that reaches milestones. No matter what complexities arise during the process, we always produce the best results. The way our plan and roadmap have been implemented has excelled in every area.

Constant Attention to Branding and Design

Millions of prestigious brands that are committed to bringing about change have placed their trust in our branding services in London, UK. Our design firm has provided branding and packaging services to several brands that are now well-known due to the perfection of the process from beginning to end.

Packaging excellence and Innovative design

Every client has found our packaging design in London, UK to be a huge standout. We made the company aware of its ultimate objective, which required it to place greater emphasis on achieving outstanding packaging and properly satisfying client demands.

Design of a Brand Identity

Building brand identification has made great use of our logo creation and branding services. Today, every brand in the UK needs our assistance in elevating its brand identity, and we will do whatever to provide them with the results of perfection and refinement.

UI/UX Design & Branding Agency

An award-winning UI/UX design & branding agency with the Top 1% design and strategy talent.

We work with companies around the world to craft delightful digital experiences that are memorable, loved and impactful.

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Just Great Work!

Instead of hiding behind design jargon, we take our clients closer to their desired business goals with every project that we do.

We are confident in solving business challenges through design. This allows you to get results that are measurable!