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The FMCG industry is experiencing healthy growth, and if you are aiming for long-term success, it is just the top FMCG packaging design agency Confetti that can derive similar growth for your business.
24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed

FMCG Brand Solutions

Visual branding can leave people talking about your brand. If you sell fast-moving consumer goods, we know how to differentiate your brand among the competing companies:

Promotion-Oriented Branding

Our branding solution will showcase your significant product line in attractive variations. We want to get things right through a thoughtful strategy that promotes your product organically.

Increased Visibility of the Product

Our FMCG packaging design agency understands the visual hierarchy of products as per their unique aesthetics and specifications. Our eagle eye is fully aware of what works for your product.

A Balanced Visual Approach

Keeping it simple, yet attractive and professional, is the ultimate vision of our FMCG branding agency, which can be reflected in our industry’s top-rated UI and UX design.

Strategy Direction

What product do you sell? How do they serve a purpose? Who are the targeted customers? Our branding solution will tap into every fundamental rule that gives your brand direction.

Featured Branding Work in FMCG Industry

It isn’t our individual perspective, but a holistic view of brand building that helps formulate an effective strategy that aids in the fast growth of your business. Get a quick glimpse of our top featured work now!


Butterful is a nut butter manufacturing brand. Their agenda is to educate everyone on the benefits of nut butters and to provide consumers with an easy, delicious way to incorporate adaptogens and superfoods into their everyday lifestyle, in a habitual and convenient way. Butterful are young and free and thats how they want to be perceived. We developed a visual identity that communicates their “young and free” brand voice.

“The Branding and Packaging received positive feedback from the client’s external stakeholders, thanks to Confetti Design Studio’s help. The team was flexible throughout the engagement.”

-Smrity Jain (Butterful)
Branding & Packaging


Baaris is a Turkish skincare brand that is proud of its traditional and gentle ingredients and serums that have been passed on for several generations.

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The Astonishing Rise of the FMCG Industry

As a research company and a top-rated FMCG branding agency, let’s give you some eye- opening insight into the FMCG sector so that you are convinced to take some bold steps for branding that’s indispensable in this particular industry.

The fast-moving consumer goods sector is witnessing a meticulous growth rate of 7.6%, which is about to extend to 14.7%. Post-pandemic changes in consumer’s appetite and craving for FMCG products have been visible, and those brands have been found to gain competitive advantages by investing heavily in the visual hierarchy of their brands.

Contact Confetti because branding is the path to get there.

With an enthusiastic mind and passion for creating interactive graphics, the UI/UX of the product, and a digital storefront, Confetti is excited to give you a significant edge in the

Our team houses some of the most highly disciplined and experience-driven folks who have matured their skills by building multiple brands in their lifetime. So, whether it is that logo that you think isn’t suitable for your FMCGs or product packaging that isn’t reflecting the people’s aspiration for product and its greed, we can deliver a complete solution.

Industries we Operate In


Fashion outfits and apparel are never sold by themselves. It is the unique branding touch that makes customers feel proud of their purchase. So make sure your product design makes them feel proud.


At Confetti, we study the synchronisation of finance and technology and adapt ourselves daily to this modern face of finance with the aim of serving superior results to clients and their firms.


If building a reputed appearance is becoming tough, contact the top branding agency for the gaming industry, in short, Confetti.


There’s a list of brands from the e-commerce sector that have benefited from Confetti’s services and are still enjoying our solutions because they are exclusively designed to meet their expectations.


Confetti believes in crafting designer solutions that serve the real purpose and not just stay as a designer piece for the showcase. That’s how you access a strategic D2C brand design.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Nobody is going to purchase your product until you describe it clearly through visuals. Confetti understands the fundamentals of product marketing, and the results will be seen in the designs of beauty and cosmetics products.

Success Stories

Akshit Jain
Founder @ Loomsona

Rodrigo Pérez
Founder @ Bigtoe

Vipul Bharat Marlecha
Founder @ Janit
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