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24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed
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Branding & Packaging Design Agency

An Award-Winning Branding & Packaging Design Agency With The Top 1% Of Design And Strategy Talent.

We work with companies around the world to craft delightful digital experiences that are memorable, loved and impactful.

Featured Work In India

Confetti is aware of how the user’s mind functions and the various insights that can be obtained from it. 

UI/UX Design


StockPe is India’s Best Virtual Stock Market Learning Destination. The platform hand-holds user in their journey of achieving their financial goals through gamified education.

We helped StockPe reduce user drop-offs in their onboarding flow by 10% in the first month of our engagement.

“The outcome of the project is really good from their side and we are happy we have a team that understands our needs and can guide us when we have to make tough decisions.”

-Subham (StockPe)

Branding & Packaging


Butterful is a nut butter manufacturing brand. Their agenda is to educate everyone on the benefits of nut butters and to provide consumers with an easy, delicious way to incorporate adaptogens and superfoods into their everyday lifestyle, in a habitual and convenient way. Butterful are young and free and thats how they want to be perceived. We developed a visual identity that communicates their “young and free” brand voice.

“The Branding and Packaging received positive feedback from the client’s external stakeholders, thanks to Confetti Design Studio’s help. The team was flexible throughout the engagement.”

-Smrity Jain (Butterful)

Augmented Reality Design

Seedhe Maut

Seedhe Maut, a Delhi Hip-Hop firepower, released their new album on June 10, 2022 showcasing a tree in the album art. To help them connect with their fans on a level never seen before, we did a AR design project for Seedhe Maut.

“Confetti Design Studio has provided fast and agile design work. They are responsive, efficient, and always inclined to help with the client’s most challenging projects.”

– Nitha (CEO @Seedhe Maut)

UI/UX Design


TrueFan is one of the biggest celeb-Interaction platforms in the world. We redesigned TrueFan’s mobile app to increase their conversion and improve overall user experience.

“Working with Confetti gave us exponential growth from the very first day. They really are the Top 1%!”

-Nimish Goel (CEO @ Truefan)

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Branding & Packaging Design Agency

Start Your Business With The Aid Of Our Competent Branding And Packaging Design Services In India To Stand Out Like Never Before

India hosts tons of opportunities for designing and their dynamic vision on the industry will be helping enterprises to come up with the innovativeness and climbing the success ladder. Lot of business has been penetrating the country and stabilizing their products and services in their domains and taking the benefits for India’s diversified workforce and creating a lasting impression worldwide.

We focus on allowing your business to grow enormously; thus, we work hard to keep innovation and dynamism at the forefront. Our team of technical specialists and highly skilled employees has a deeper-rooted approach to enhancing your business. In terms of design and excellence, our Branding & Packaging design company in India is exceptional.

Our knowledge and experience can help you grow in the areas that matter most. You may benefit from our business assistance services as you attempt to survive in a crowded and cutthroat market. We would provide you with tremendous help regardless of your needs, from product packaging design in India to brand identity creation.

We Design Within All Major Indian Cities

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What makes Confetti best fit for your next project

Every project we work on is centered on the requirements of our clients, and by providing them with superior designs, we closely achieve their business objectives. We have a lot of faith in our ability to use designs to address business difficulties and deliver results that stand out and pay off. We provide you with excellence in leaps and bounds because of our high technical standards and output capability of branding services in India. We make no compromises to get you outcomes because of our ingrained support and meticulous attention to detail

Development of mobile applications

We have assisted numerous brands in building their reputations and integrating technology at precisely the appropriate rate. Many businesses have benefited from our attention and technology advancements like mobile app development in providing a more seamless digital experience.

Innovation in technology and design

We don’t just create applications; we also try to improve their features and produce a number of designs that make them look better. This is how our design and development area has currently benefited several brands.

Packaging and branding

Today, hundreds of Indian brands rely on us for packaging and branding because we give them a ton of convenience. Many brands depend on us to pack their products because of our laser-like focus on design and greater attention to detail.

Brand recognition

By developing brands and educating others about the brand identity construction process, we have developed a reputation for ourselves. Our assistance comprises numerous brands that have achieved success thanks to our professional services.

Unparalleled Understanding of Research and Findings

We provide user psychology understanding and strategy implementation. Our branding company in India equip your business with the greatest and most innovative solutions. Our data is actionable and insightful.

UI/UX Design Excellence

We provide you with completeness in the result, from following the roadmap to putting the entire strategy into action. When you give us a task to perform, it is our duty to refine it and deliver a result that is complete for you.

Your Company Is in Safe Hands!

Instead of hiding behind design jargon, we take our clients closer to their desired business goals with every project that we do.

We are confident in solving business challenges through design. This allows you to get results that are measurable!

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