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Simply making “pretty” packaging does not work anymore and the biggest brands In the world know this very well. This Packaging performance audit allows your brand to build packaging in a smart way that actually gets people to buy!

It’s time to play smarter and get rid of any guesswork!

What Is Packaging Performance?

Packaging performance is a direct score that tells you if the product will be picked up by the customer or will it be ignored.

A higher packaging performance score hints towards high sales; whereas a low score means it’s time to redesign.

Benefits Of Measuring Packaging Performance

Boost Sales Upto 66%

Use the free audit to uncover real insights on how you can improve your packaging design and Increase your sales by up to 66% like some of our other clients!

Onboard Yourself On All Platforms

Want to be listed on all major retailers and online platforms? A validated and tested packaging is the first step towards that!

In This Analysis You Will Get

How It Works


What Do They Want To See?

We collect 20+ data points about your Ideal customers and your brand to understand what is it that they would Ideally like to see in the product packaging that would get them to make the final purchase!
We call these the “Unique Purchase Drivers” (UPD).

What Are You Showing?

At this step, we create a heat map of your product’s packaging based assuming that the user only sees it for 3 seconds.
This gives us a realistic understanding of how a customer will see your current product on online or offline retail channels.
We call this the “Current Purchase Drivers” (CPD).

The Final Assessment

Once we have the “Unique Purchase Drivers” & “Current Purchase Drivers”, we then map them to see how closely they overlap with each other.
A high overlap of UPD & CPD demonstrate a high purchase affinity and a greater sale!

What Does The Result Mean For Your Brand?

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A Startup branding agency in India finds that expression in a company that becomes its voice, builds
relationships with its audience, and ultimately gets empowered with further branding services
to scale.

Your company would be just a standard corporation with no demands and loyal customer in the market until it is recognized with a unique name that which could be cited as its brand.

A logo differentiates your brand’s visual identity from others. At the same time, branding is a process or a work culture that aims to build a chain of loyal customers.

If you ask a top branding company like Confetti, we recommend updating your brand image as per occasions, festivals, and seasons. This will ensure your brand adapts to the new market changes.

Well, the cost of corporate branding in India can vary significantly. The answer is uncertain until the
company’s personal requirements and other conditions are deeply assessed.

Our team is home to some of the most talented digital branding consultants, all dedicated to
their work roles and professions. As a result, Confetti is capable of providing any business branding
services you want fulfilled with utmost precision and care.

Company branding is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with an audience. Therefore, only those designs should be selected that convey the brand’s message and synchronise with the attitude, desire, and habit of the targeted audience.

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