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A detailed Guide to User Testing for Mobile App and Website Design

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The mobile application industry is an ever-growing industry with a plethora of new additions and features to be introduced every minute. The industry is improvising at a lightning-fast speed and seems to have no end soon.

With mobile phones being seen as the most convenient way to perform daily tasks, organizations have started shifting their business more toward mobile applications. Since the mobile application market is huge, the number of companies fighting for business is also ever-increasing.

With so much competition in front, companies cannot risk performance quality and usability issues. As every application has a replacement available in the market, compromising on quality is not an option. Even though the interface and experience design has a huge role to play in these scenarios, the real test for apps is the usability test. This necessitates contacting a renowned and devoted ux design studio that can create your app and website excellently.

Developers and designers use this test to ensure that their code and design work. The test also assesses how easy the app for the public to use is. It is one of the best ways to improve the user experience and also brings design quality into place.

What exactly is the User testing?

Mobile app design or web design user testing is considered to be a non-functional testing method that helps developers and designers evaluate how updated and modern the design is. It also evaluates if the design can meet the expectations set for the users to have a great experience.

After the initial design process, the designers and developers of an experienced ux design studio will check whether the application is free of any design glitches, or if certain steps can be improved. Usability testing also includes testing the product for different browsers and more importantly, for different operating systems.

Cross browsers testing is extremely helpful when checking an app’s design quality and functioning. The team also finds out different ways to improve the entire user experience.

Since the usability would depend on how the end-user likes the design, its best to test the work with real-time users. You will get to see their reactions, their perception of each step, and their behavior as well. This will help you make clear observations and get qualitative notes on which you can work. You will also know where to make tweaks and where your design works best.

To take things to another level, including software testers that will not only test your product working but will also put the product on various mock cases to run on.

Importance of usability tests in mobile app design and web design

Organizations prefer running usability tests on their products with the help of a promising ux design studio to make sure they are yielding the most business revenue and spending less time and money on customer support. With high-quality usability, the users are going to find the app or web page easy to use, handle and come back to. Therefore, spending more money and time on such tests ensures less money and spending on improvements later.

The three important reasons why usability tests should be conducted are:

Finding issues

No matter how many software tests you run, the real problems will be detected with real-time users only. The real-life challenges, user satisfaction, and feedback will be available to you when you make customers use your application or web page. The issues that you detect could be major problems or even minor issues that should be resolved.

Discover different user preferences:

When designing applications and web pages, it is important to understand the preference of your target audience. The specific features that can make their tasks easy and what are the current requirements that they could have.

Room for improvement:

When it comes to design, you can always find room for improvement. With real-time users using your product, you could figure out ways to make certain steps even smoother.

Steps that ensure successful user testing

If you are thinking of conducting usability testing for your mobile app design or web design, there are various steps that you can keep in mind to make the process a success.

Setting up objectives:

Nothing gets done here without figuring out the goals and the objectives of your testing. It is important to identify what exactly you are trying to achieve. Figure out your target audience and the market competitors that stand in your current goals.

This process also includes creating a roadmap that will take you through each of your goals and the ways you can achieve them. Figuring out the budget for all the processes will also work great here.

Planning for tasks:

In any app design or web design, various tasks are involved to complete a certain process. You should be able to figure out how these tasks would take place and the various ways they can happen. These tasks include logging, registration process, and navigation.

Feedback documentation:

In user testing, the documentation of the entire process is very important. Since you will be making improvements and changes based on the feedback your receive, you should have them documented for easy reference and discussion. This could take place either through feedback forms or even filling out a questionnaire with long answer option.

Selecting participants:

To get the right kind of feedback and add quality to the entire usability test, select participants that fit your target audience. To get accurate results, you may have to add to the resources and put in some extra effort.

Test platform

You can conduct your test either in a lab or simply through a cloud platform. Lab testing works great if you want to supervise the process and want to observe the users’ reactions in person.

To Sum it up

Usability testing is great for detecting bugs and quality issues in mobile app design or even web design. It works great if you want to check the waters and create something that would practically work. However, to make the best use of this testing, make sure to use the right participants and document every minute of feedback provided to you.    

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