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As a premier fintech branding agency, we are closely working to build brands that look and feel innovative, trustworthy, and intelligently crafted.
24 Hour Response guaranteed
24 Hour Response guaranteed

Fintech Brand Solutions

We are people’s favorite financial services branding agency because of our graphic designs, UI/UX creations, and packaging designs that reflect brand value, mission, and vision in their own voice.

Navigate Through the Noise

Apart from graphic designers, we are pioneers as brand researchers who are very thoughtful about competition. In such a way, we will be wise and mindful about every step.

Creating Strong Brand Recall

Our financial services branding agency visualizes the souls of brands from the depths to come up with a design that will not only appeal to customers but also capture the target audience’s attention.

Providing an Edge Over Others

It would be more than just the basics. Our financial branding agency keeps an eagle eye on the latest trends and patterns that inspire audiences, drive growth, and ensure business success.

Operational Adaptability

We make the best effort to keep our designs adaptive and super responsive to the operational needs of a business to ensure the visual hierarchy is expressive and well-defined.

Featured Branding Work in Fintech Industry

Our Fintech branding agency is passionate about exploring business and their unique ideas, which inspires us to keep coming up with innovative designs and creations. Take a look at our featured branding work for more information.
Branding Design


Grollet is an Indian fintech company that allows people to get into investments from an early age and have enough savings by the time they plan to have a family of their own. The name ‘Grollet’ is derived from 2 words (Grow + Wallet).

“Confetti’s branding expertise elevated our fintech product’s image, standing out in crowded market.”

Samantha (PM @ Grollet)

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24 Hour Response guaranteed

The Miraculous Rise of the Fintech Industry

With disruptive technology, the fintech industry is seeing a momentous rise, encouraging our financial services branding agency to convince more people for strategic preparation
because it would be a pressing need for brand building.

Whether you run a digital banking system, provide payment solutions, or have a uniquely built startup, only a smartly chosen design can secure a strong position in the fintech industry, which is expected to reach $300 billion by 2024. So look no further; connect with Confetti right now, where we create value, drive growth, and deliver innovative solutions for brand design.

Confetti: We Make Branding Picture-Perfect for Brands

Our innovative team incorporates experience-driven souls, highly intellectual graphic designers, and top-rated digital creators who shape clients’ imaginary requirements in the real world online.

With a core belief in creating a strong brand identity, we envision taking your fintech brand to a whole new height. Creating customized branding strategies that drive
growth in conversion and revenue while differentiating your brand from others is our vision, and we are damn connected with it. Trust us: our financial branding agency is the one-stop
solution for all your branding needs.

Industries we Operate In


Fashion outfits and apparel are never sold by themselves. It is the unique branding touch that makes customers feel proud of their purchase. So make sure your product design makes them feel proud.


Our team closely monitors the ongoing trends of the gaming sector, and our flawless branding solutions accurately reflect business values and capture audience attention.


Fast-moving consumer goods are ever-versatile, so branding strategies and visual interaction with customers need to evolve with time, and Confetti is already mastering this science with utmost precision.


There’s a list of brands from the e-commerce sector that have benefited from Confetti’s services and are still enjoying our solutions because they are exclusively designed to meet their expectations.


Confetti believes in crafting designer solutions that serve the real purpose and not just stay as a designer piece for the showcase. That’s how you access a strategic D2C brand design.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Nobody is going to purchase your product until you describe it clearly through visuals. Confetti understands the fundamentals of product marketing, and the results will be seen in the designs of beauty and cosmetics products.

Success Stories

Akshit Jain
Founder @ Loomsona

Rodrigo Pérez
Founder @ Bigtoe

Vipul Bharat Marlecha
Founder @ Janit


According to a recent survey, almost 89% of clients use mobile banking, and 91% of users choose mobile banking instead of going to a branch. People swap three main reasons from heritage banks service to fintech services are ease of use, lower costs and faster service.

Throughout the fintech ux process, UX/UI designers play an essential role in enhancing accessibility and functional design to address the bother means customers usually feel when they use banking services while maintaining trust. Both fintech startups and large banks use UX/UI design skills to give their products and usefulness a competitive edge.

The three critical benefits of good fintech ux design are

1. Enhances Your Customer Experience (CX): By developing a frictionless experience circled an automatic, easy-to-use effect architecture connected with a user-friendly design and configuration, your customers want to use your services and products.

2. Converts Your Bottom Line: Investing in UX and UI may be the most influential thing you can accomplish to change your profitability. UX and UI are essential in boosting your conversion pace and converting more opportunities. However, you will also be able to increase your prices as 80% of consumers would desperately pay more additional for a more satisfactory customer experience.

3. Constructs Your Brand Appear Trustworthy: This is particularly important in banking and finance, where more youthful consumers need to be more accepting of using traditional banking organisations. Younger generations are rapidly trustful of large tech companies because first impressions matter. With a clean, eye-catching, well-designed UX, attractive brands will grab consumers’ attention for longer.

There are five essential factors every designer needs to focus on with customer journeys in a fintech ui ux design company, such as

· Awareness: How to bring your brand’s mention out?

· Consideration: Give them a proper reason not to say no!

· Purchase: They appreciate what they notice and “buy” it!

· Maintenance: Your customers are in for a long haul because of your maintenance.

· Advocacy: Are your customers making a new way for fresh customers?

Regulatory observation is one of the most significant FinTech design challenges. If you are designing for a global audience, your strategies might vary for each market to relent with different laws. These regulations count extra complexity relating to user designation,

privacy, fraud deterrence, accessibility, and even terrorism, meaning UX designers must adjust designs to support compliance which could disrupt the product’s UX strategy.

2. Satisfying Customer Expectations: Apart from the rule, user experience designers must also overpower financial services and legacy banking customer anticipations. So the best fintech ux design service provides tools and elements that imitate the in-person experience.

3. Hold Product Complexity: Another confront for FinTech design is product sophistication and how UX designers make a cohesive ecosystem. Traditional financial providers and banking have additional departments performing each product, like cheques, credit, savings, loans, mortgages, etc.

The significance of UX for financial utilisation cannot be exaggerated. It authorises you to develop a customer-oriented effect and earn the loyalty of your clients.

The main concern of the traditional financial sector is. It still requires focusing more on user experience.

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