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Inshorts: Mobile App Case Study

UI/UX : 2023

Inshorts is a news app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and summarizes them to present in a short and crisp 60 words or less format personalized for users in both English and Hindi. The aim is to resolve the app’s lack of personalization and effectively create bookmark feature.



  • Users can easily navigate between different sections of the app, such as ‘Bookmark’, ‘My Feed’, and ‘All News’, by using the bottom navigation of the main feeds page.
  • Additionally, users can quickly access their preferred genres by sliding through the genre chips on the top tab of the ‘All News section.
  • To make it more convenient, we have designed the app in such a way that bookmarked articles are grouped by genre and personalized the News stories during onboarding,
  • News Articles are displayed as just headlines to make it easier for users to find the news that interests them.

App Audit

Insights from Audit



Insights from Interview

Competitive Analysis

Insights from Analysis


Many users of Inshorts primarily use the app as a secondary source for news, rather than as their primary choice. The app’s lack of personalization options makes it difficult for users to tailor their news consumption to their specific interests, which can be frustrating.

Wireframes and Iterations

Design and Deliver

Final Design

Streamlining Navigation for Improved User Experience

The app’s navigation is improved by allowing users to switch between the main tabs directly from the bottom navigation of the main feeds page without having to return to the discover page first.

Personalized Feeds

The personalization feature has been added during the onboarding process, where the user has the option to select the genres they prefer and those selected genres will appear on the My feeds page.

My Feed

We have implemented personalization during the onboarding process, allowing users to select the genres they want to see in their “My Feeds” page. Additionally, we have included a “Read the full article >” button, which allows users to easily access the full article by swiping left.

All News

All the genres of news are available on the top tabs, and users can slide through the chips to choose the genre they want to read. In addition, we have condensed the news stories into just their headlines, making it easier for users to find the news that interests them without having to sift through a lot of stories.


  • We designed the paged that the articles can be bookmarked by clicking on the bookmark icon next to the article’s image.
  • The bookmarked articles are then grouped according to their genre, allowing users to easily access and find the articles they are interested in reading without having to scroll through all the articles on the website.


Users can slide through the genre chips located on the top tab and select the ones they wish to read.

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