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MyCaptain: Design Mentorship

Design Mentorship: 2021-2022

We partnered with MyCaptain as UI/UX design mentors in 2021. This mentorship program aimed to teach budding designers and engineers to land their dream UI/UX design jobs.

The Course

The mentorship course consisted of an in-depth course that aimed to enhance their understanding of user experience, visual design skills.

The mentorship program with mycaptain is currently live, and so far more than 50 UI/UX design lessons have been conducted for more than 1,000 designers.

Topics We Covered

The course consists of 8 classes that cover the basics and advanced lessons for UI/UX design along with interactive activities, assignments, QnA sessions, and much more!

The topics that we cover in these classes include:

  1. Introduction to UX and UI
  2. Design thinking
  3. Research in UX
  4. User persona
  5. User journey mapping
  6. Information architecture
  7. Low and high fidelity wireframes
  8. Creating world-class UI
  9. Prototyping
  10. Compiling a portfolio
Sample worksop slides

Making An Impact

So far we have mentored more than 1,000 designers through the mentorship program with MyCaptain.

This course lasts for one month and prepares them for their dream job as a UI/UX designer; we have received countless letters and messages from our mentees sharing their success stories as well!

Thanks, we appreciate you for going through our UI/UX Design work. Want to look at more of our work?

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