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How To Launch India FMCG Brand In International Markets

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As the owner of a business, everybody aims to see their home brand growing, reaching, and ruling in the international markets. If the product is technologically a breakthrough or otherwise an innovation in itself, it might get global recognition at a faster pace.  However, when it comes to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), things might seem like a tussle in vain. Launching an Indian FMCG brand in the international markets is certainly a highly rewarding endeavor, but can pose exhausting challenges as well.

Do not lose your motivation as just a few strategies and expertise of a package design company india can help you bring the game in your favour. Here is all you need to know for the successful launch of your Indian FMCG product in the global sphere.

Be wise with market research and product selection

The first crucial step is to conduct comprehensive market research to understand the viability of your dream to hit the international market. Identify your target audience based on factors such as consumer preferences, demand for your product, presence of competitors, regulatory mandates, economic stability, pricing strategies, and so on. While it is tempting to explore international markets, a well-researched product selection will help you grow better.

Be open to the need for product modifications

It might so happen that your Indian FMCG product is doing exceptionally well in the domestic market. However, you might want to consider undergoing a few adjustments so that your Indian product aligns with the preferences and cultures of the foreign audience. You can tailor your product by tweaking the ingredients, flavors, packaging, or other features. An experienced product packaging design agency can create a design keeping in mind global acceptance.

Be strict about regulatory compliance

Understand that there is a huge probability that the regulatory measures, safety protocols, quality standards, and other product elements will be different in the international market from that of the home country market. Keep check with the compliance requirements of your international target market for a successful acceptance. Engage professionals having experience with food safety standards, labeling regulations, package design, etc. as per international trade practices.

Be strategic in choosing the distribution and supply chain

The expansion of your Indian FMCG brand in the international market will be possible only if you develop an efficient distribution and supply chain network. From choosing how you will source the raw material to how you will distribute the finished good, every aspect must be quick, smooth, and promising. Even the storing part will be critical. Local partnerships or distribution agreements with established players can help capture the international audience.

Be considerate about the branding and packaging design

One of the most crucial steps in launching an FMCG brand in another country would be to revisit your brand identity and packaging design to resonate with the new audience. Cultural nuances need the most attention which may differ from the ones followed in India. Passionate and successful brands usually seek help from a qualified and pioneering product packaging design agency to tailor the labeling, packaging design, and overall marketing for the foreign market.

Be at par with the competitor’s strategies

The key to having a firm footing in a new and especially an international market is to know your competitor in the best possible way. People might be showing their loyalty towards a local brand or an already established foreign brand. It becomes more challenging to replace an FMCG product in an outside market. However, launching your brand with certain pricing reductions, quality upgrades, attractive package, etc. can help you adjust well.

Be active towards consumer education and awareness

It is obvious that many markets might be unfamiliar with your Indian FMCG product. Here, it will become highly imperative to focus on consumer education. Investing in awareness campaigns through different mediums to introduce your brand and explain its plus points to potential customers would fetch the desired results. Robust advertising, influencer partnerships, in-store product demonstrations, and bespoke packaging will do the job well.

Be keen on success measures and needed improvements

Continuous monitoring and immediate actions are two other vital components of a successful launch in any market. Take help from experts in the field to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your international expansion. Be consistent about analyzing your performance and seeking areas for improvement. Be it the need for rebranding or pricing controls, every modification will help you capture the market efficiently.


Launching an Indian FMCG brand in international markets requires a meticulous and strategic approach. Catering to the needs of the foreign audience and hiring a proficient package design company india can help your home brand carve out a valuable space in the global FMCG landscape. A well-crafted branding and packaging design can sincerely elevate your product p presence even in the international markets.

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