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How We Increased a Client’s Revenue by 12X in 3 Months

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Once upon a time, far far away there was an entertainment-based app in the 21st-century shire. One day, they realized that their conversion and user retention were stagnant, and had stayed so for a long time.

Because of such a dispiriting discovery, they decided it was high time to increase the marketing budget.

They sent out several heralds to find them a champion who could help them triumph over this grave difficulty! Until finally after months of searching around, they found their champion.

A knight in shining armor! Confetti Design Studio helped this entertainment app kingdom bring the glory of 12X in revenue. They feasted and danced in merrier times, happily ever after!

Well, fable aside, investing in UI UX design saves costs, increases a brand’s revenue, and retains customers. No one is throwing around words in the air, this is research-backed.

McKinsey & Company experts found that a good design or re-design—in terms of UI UX, better User Research, A/B Testing, and Prototyping—can boost client returns and revenues more than industry counterparts.

So what was the challenge anyway?

Design Challenges when re-designing  UI UX app website for a brand

The onboarding journey of the user is a difficult process. As a user, we’re all pretty lazy when it comes to deciding whether to download and learn the ways and habits of using a product.

Customer retention is directly proportional to how less often your customers ask themselves “Is this worth my time?”. The worst part about digital products is that about 9/10 of apps that are downloaded on a device are never used after opening it once.

Does that mean most apps are worthless? Not exactly. But a bad onboarding process is a turn-off for customers. And this breaks the product.

And how did we solve that?

Design solutions visualized through a vector image with a person, pit and arrow.

To make the product better, our focus was to allow the customer to fulfill a checklist of the ways to your product in less than a minute.

If the user sticks around the onboarding process and makes a final decision, then it will always result in a conversion. To achieve this goal, we had a user-specific research approach and asked questions like:

  • Is the product and brand vision clear to the customers and potential customers?

  • Can we attempt at generating a sense of FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out) among potential customers?

  • Can we make the product more unique by guaranteeing a refund; in case users don’t like the product

First things first, we had a bag full of solutions for the problems and the approaches we came up with. All of them looked great but we had to choose one. One that works in the favor of the user and also in the favor of the brand.

This is why we went with A/B testing schedules in terms of UI and UX. In this process, we played around with responses from different users for a span of 3-4 months. This was so we had enough rigid data to translate them into design iterations.

After this, about 20 design iterations were spawned in a spawn of half a week. 3 months from this milestone, we saw several amazing developments.

  • 1 Million+ download with successful onboarding

  • Highest-rated app in its category

  • Weekly UI + UX revamp resulted in further improvement of the platform

The biggest development of them all was the 12X revenue


The design supports your bottom line by boosting a variety of business indicators such as user retention, customer loyalty, and user productivity.

Emotions, according to usability designer Don Norman, influence the way people solve issues. When you’re in a good mood, you’re more open, creative, adaptable, and patient. When you are upset or agitated, your concentration narrows, and your lateral thinking talents shut down.

Looking for your knight in shining armor to increase your conversion and revenue by solving your design problems? Confetti Design Studio can help. And no need to send a herald looking out for us for weeks. Get started now. Contact us and our expert team of designers shall get started on your project in 48 hours.

Confetti Design Studio is an award winning creative design firm based in India. We work with companies around the world by providing them premium design solutions ranging from product design, web design & graphic design. Contact us right now so we can get started on your amazing idea and project.

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