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Design Is Subjective...

How Can You Design A Packaging That Is Guaranteed To Sell?

We talk to 100s of retail founders each month and all of them have a great Idea. But how would you know that the packaging that you have for the product will guarantee sales?

Or will it be lost in the crowd?

95% Of Products Launches Fail

That’s because most design related decisions are taken subjectively with no consumer validation and testing.

This leads to:

Our Solution

Design & Test Your Packaging With Real Customers ASAP!

The top consumer facing & retail brands around the world use this technique to launch their products that always sell. Here is how it goes:

Market Study

Study what is out there in the market & strategize how YOUR brand will stand out

Packaging Design

Our team of award-winning designers craft Iconic & memorable packaging design

User Testing

We simulate user tests with 10,000 customers just like it would launch in a real world

No More Guesswork

The packaging that we design will be vetted through 10,000+ customers through simulation testing so you only launch the designs that is bound to succeed!

What It means for you:

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Success Stories

Mukul Katara

“We got our packaging designed & tested by Confetti and the insights were great! They predicted accurately which packaging would sell more and that’s exactly what happened!”

Mukul Katara
Founder @ Vaahe Spices

Frequently Asked Questions

How many users are part of the simulation testing?

On an average there are 25,000 customers who are subject to the simulation testing for each packaging design

How long does the whole process take?

The complete process takes approximately 4 weeks.

How many revisions do we get?

We offer a total of 3 revisions to get the ideal packaging designed. However, since we test the packaging through simulation testing we can accurately predict packaging performance in under 3 revisions

What all Industries is this valid for?

Our process is valid for all Industries that aim to market their products through social media. This goes from personal wellness to food & beverage, from medical products to pet care and beyond. As long as social media is your marketing channel we can help you predict the packaging design performance!

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