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The Benefits Of Conducting A/B Tests In UX Design

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The profile of a UX Designer entails that they are the professional behind maximizing the efficiency of a software, application, or website’s usability for users. It simply doesn’t mean making the product only efficient to use. An UX Design Studio should always strive to capture all the aspects that a user wants to perceive within the product. From accessing it efficiently to using it while enjoying its efficiency, they must always consider what is best for their user. After all, it is the most critical factor in determining whether users will like your products. It will create the bridge between your brand and your customer that will ultimately boost your business sales and growth.

But, running an A/B test is more challenging than it sounds. A UX designer from a UX Design Studio will or may face several dilemmas when coming up with the optimal solution to improve the user experience. They will have to choose the most optimal solution out of several solutions while testing them. After all, the game of trial and error adds perfection to a product. And that method is known as A/B testing, Bucket testing, or split testing.

In this article, you will find out what A/B testing is, how to conduct it, its benefits, and why a UX designer should subject their products to it. So, if you are curious about the abovementioned things, please continue reading the article to the end.

What is A/B Testing?

In simple words, you can emphasize A/B testing as the test to determine the optimal solution of a product while testing two different versions of a single product. These two different versions can be a web page, mobile application, computer software, or even a concept or idea of a product. It is a quantitative approach to determine the best outcome that will bring out the best performance of the product that the users will ultimately embrace.

It is a process where the Branding Consultant from a UX design studio will provide quantitative knowledge on certain products. This is achieved by presenting the product to random people. The whole experiment is about asking for the most appealing insight from users to learn what will work best. Once the senses are achieved, marketers, investors, developers, analysts, or a designer will analyze these insights and determine the optimal variation of the product that works more in favor of the goal or objective of the product.

How To Conduct an A/B Test?

To determine what product approach will be accepted by the users, a branding consultant will present two variations of the same product to two different groups of people.

After the display of the product, the product getting more acclamation and appealing views will be chosen as the product to release in the market for the users. Now, let’s take a look at how this is achieved.

Setting Goal

Before subjecting a product to testing, the first and foremost thing to do is set specific goals you want to achieve. In short, you need to know why you are conducting this test. That way, you will know which product variation you need to work on, as it will give you quantitative insight to determine What’s best. But before that, you need to collect quantifiable data that enables you to observe the changes.

Determine what to test.

Think about the goals you have established and what you want to achieve. Then consider testing the product that will take you closer to achieving that specific goal.


Consider assuming the version of the product that seems more effective to work out. This will ultimately help you solidify why you are running the test and what you want to achieve from it.

Conduct Tests

Once you get plausible insight from the conditions mentioned earlier, you can start testing your products. To do that, you must create two variations of a single product.

Wait for the Results

Once you conduct the test, wait for your product’s final review. The product testing should run for a long time, a time that you can afford the benefits of your products. Obtaining positive reviews will take time, as users will have to learn about every tiny detail of the product while using it.

Don’t be hasty when it comes to determining the best one or the winner. Be patient, and you will get a result that will work in your favor.

Benefits of A/B Testing

  • A/B testing mitigates the unnecessary involvement of guesswork. It gives a UX design studio the much-needed quantifiable data and insight that is plausible and absolute. This will be what enables your product to be appealing to the users.
  • Running an A/B test will help you determine what a particular user will want with your product.
  • A/B design prioritizes a user’s needs and requirements, which ultimately becomes the cause for your products to get more users.
  • It reduces the unnecessary cost that often goes down if a particular product cannot provide the results a user wants.
  • It helps you understand how a user will react and behave to specific design elements, which you can implement for optimal outcomes.
  • It provides a comprehensive insight into your product that enables you to implement small changes that impact heavily on the overall user experience.

Why Should You Conduct A/B Testing?

You can run A/B testing after launching the product. You can still run it after you find it. At the same time, it is considered best to run the test at the initial phase of product development.

Below listed are a few reasons why you should conduct A/B Testing,

  • To acquire quantitative data that will help you make your product more profound and appealing
  • To make user-oriented changes and design
  • To determine which UI elements will work effectively
  • Improve the overall user experience
  • Optimizing the changes that impact heavily on user behavior


A/B design is a must when creating a product that you want your users to accept and can bring you maximum profit. Thus, subjecting your products to this testing will help you achieve your goals without incurring unnecessary costs. In addition, it will also help your organization boost its business growth and sales.

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