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High Performing Web UI UX Design For Your Business

Get consensus from stakeholders and increase conversions using the most exciting web design services & solutions designed by Confetti.

Our Million-Dollar Web Design Services

Web UI/UX Design

Every website we create aligns with your brand image and is incredibly intuitive for your customers. The secret to generating more leads is a creative and functional website. Our web UI UX design company in India can help you with that.

User & Competitive Analysis

To make sure that not only your website stands out amongst the competition, but also comes out as a winner, we engage in thorough user and competitive analysis for your product-market fit.

Website UI Revamping

In line with user research & competitive analysis, our web design company in India optimizes and revamps your website for a strong hold on web maintenance.

User & Competitive Analysis

Not many web design firms do this, but at Confetti, right from ideation to deployment we support you and your business vision during the development cycle.

Website UX Audit

As part of our Web Design Services in India, a data-driven approach to UX audit of your website allows us to define users’ goals, improve product quality and ultimately achieve your business goal.

Usability Testing

We focus on asking the right questions. And with our usability testing process, we help ensure that your product is user-friendly and easy to use for your target audience.

A High Performing Website

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  • Improved User Experience

  • Better Search Engine Ranking

  • Customer retention

Generate More Leads

  • Brings more traffic

  • Lowers bounce/exit rate

  • Increases/boosts conversions

Ranks on Google

  • Easier crawl for search engines

  • Boosts ranking

  • Increases domain authority

Ranks on Google

  • Helps compete with bigger competition

  • Increases visibility

Featured Website UI UX Case Studies


Marviza is a global fashion E-Commerce for women who love traveling and are looking for high-quality trendy clothes for their next trip.


Celesti Skin is a conscious and mindful skincare brand which offers methods and products to build a high-performance and transformative skincare ritual. We worked on their website for a complete revamp to achieve the aesthetics our clients desired making sure their revenue increases over time by implementing our tried and tested methods.

What makes our Web UI/UX Design Company the Right Fit for You?

Handpicked 1% of Talents

Unlike other Website design firms, we focus on acquiring only the top 1% of talent in the industry. This helps ensure us that we bring the best creative individuals who drive new ideas.

Agile Development

Our Website UI UX design Experts participate in frequent scrum events to stay agile in order to guarantee the quality and on-time delivery of mobile app design solutions. The solutions are aligned to your business and accelerate time-to-market.

Flexible Engagement

We understand how crucial of a role engagement model plays for businesses. Through our Website design services, we offer you a fixed bid approach and a time and materials model for flexible project outsourcing.

100% Confidentiality

Not many website design firms can offer this but while working with our clients we always ensure that all intellectual property and research used for your project is only used for your mobile UI UX design product.

Success Stories

Akshit Jain
Founder @ Loomsona

Rodrigo Pérez
Founder @ Bigtoe

Vipul Bharat Marlecha
Founder @ Janit
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Modern Products Built Using Modern Tools & Technologies

UI/UX Design Tools

UI UX design tools that a designer uses represents the nuts and bolts of a design. It helps in communicating the functionality, focusing on the user and turning an idea into something visual and interactive.

— Figma

— Adobe XD

— Sketch

— Lunacy

Prototyping Tools

We use an array of prototyping tools to combine visuals, navigational elements, and interactions that that helps clients visualize the product in use.

— Figma

— Protopie

— Principle

— Invision Studio

Graphic Design

As versatile designers, we use a number of Adobe and other tools for graphic design needs in order to ensure visual consistency and make things fun.

— Adobe Photoshop

— Adobe Illustrator

— Adobe Indesign

— Adobe After Effects

Video Editing and Motion Design

In the digital space when it comes to video editing and creating amazing motion designs for your products, we use industry-standard tools which bring perfection.

— Adobe Premiere Pro

— Da Vinci Resolve

— Final Cut Pro

— Rotato

Collaboration Tools

Daunting tasks become a cakewalk when you collaborate. This is why we use collaboration tools to make it quicker and simpler for designers to receive comments and and get approval for professional artworkl, without anything getting lost in translation.

— Figjam

— Miro

— Invision Studio

— Zoom

— Slack

Project Management Tools

With the aid of a project management tool, we easily create a hierarchy of tasks for timely and successful completion. We use it to show which tasks depend on one another and which actions are sequentially performed. In turn, this facilitates the team’s ability to complete its task.

— Notion

— Slack

— Zoom/Google Meet

— Google Calendar

— Calendly


Customer satisfaction increases as a result of excellent UI/UX. Visitors to your website are bound to leave if the UI/UX is poor. Poor customer satisfaction is the only outcome.

On the other hand, an engaging UI/UX keeps users interested and clients happy. Additionally, it raises the investment return (ROI). Because of this, excellent UI/UX quality becomes critical.

A responsive website design is an approach of web design where your web pages can easily be displayed on all devices regardless of their screen sizes by automatically optimizing and adapting to the screen space. So it doesn’t matter if your users are on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or a smart TV, your website is going to look amazing on each.

Yes, at Confetti Design Studio we create the best responsive design for your websites that not only look beautiful and are functional, but work great on several devices such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet, smart TV, etc.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a website redesign can’t be done overnight. Based on the complexity of the project and the goals, it can take a couple of weeks to a few months to redesign a website to its glory.

Yes, your website is going to be super mobile-friendly like it will be on the desktop version. Through our responsive design process, we make sure that the focus is more on improving your users’ experience.

Most of the users’ accessibility comes from a smartphone or mobile device. This is why it has become important to create mobile-friendly experiences.

At Confetti, with years of experience and working with more than 50 clients worldwide, we can create a highly responsive website for you that performs across several device screens.

You must make your hiring decision now that you are aware of the advantages of UI/UX. The benefits and drawbacks of hiring UI/UX Freelancers, an in-house UI/UX team, and a UI UX Design Company are broken down by category in the section below by our UX UI Company.


Pros of an in-house UI/UX team include complete control over hiring, onboarding, daily operations, and more. choosing skills that correspond to your knowledge requirements decrease ownership and security concerns.


Cons of an in-house UI/UX team: Extremely pricey given that hiring costs, employee salaries, and benefits are all involved in this process. lengthy procedure putting more resources to use issues with employee loyalty UI/UX.


Pros of a Freelancer: Given that freelancers frequently work under contract, this is a cost-effective choice. eases the hassles of hiring and training saving time because it’s simple to outsource your UI/UX design requirements.


Cons of a Freelancer: Poor recruitment oversight Lack of commitment to your project because they manage multiple clients by themselves Ownership-related risk and security concerns User Experience Design.


Outsourcing to a UI/UX Design Company is more time and money efficient than in-house design because of large talent pool to meet your skill and expertise requirements. Additional marketing personnel to market your product along with UI/UX design services to improve the usability of your products. NDAs are made available, removing ownership risks and security concerns. Simple working hours based on time zones Utilization of APIs, trending tech stack, and more.

There’s a unique need for every business out there. And these unique needs are what make you stand out as a competitor amongst others.

Confetti believes in catering to every business in an exceptional manner. This is why we have 3 major engagement models and the price for your unique project depends on its complexity.

Our 3 engagement models are scope-based, retainer-based, and hourly-based.

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